Beto’s TikTok Videos are NOT Helping Him

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Beto O’Rourke may or may not become the next governor of Texas. If the polls are any indication, he’ll lose. However, that doesn’t mean that we’ll hear the last of him. The man has an incredible way of getting back up – he lost a Senate race, a presidential race, and most likely, a gubernatorial race.

If he does become governor, Texas better brace itself.

If he doesn’t, he could easily re-emerge for another run at the presidency.

There’s just one problem. He runs pathetic campaigns, and he’s even taken to TikTok to show that he can be cool and relevant. And as the kids would say, it’s nothing but “cringe.”

Beto is like the dad that tries to be cool and fails miserably.

In the past week, Beto has been using a number of videos where he talks about gun control, expanding abortion access, and protecting access to abortions.

The videos are bad. Really bad. If you thought the videos of Biden sniffing women as he leans into them is creepy, you haven’t seen Beto stare into the camera as he does some lame dance as words appear across the screen about how he would be a pro-choice governor.

His eyes look like those of a child predator. If he really thought this was going to help him, this and every future campaign is doomed.

RedState even made the joke that “I legitimately cannot tell if Beto is trying to seduce young voters or if he is holding back the pain in his knees he’s clearly feeling right now because he’s too old to be doing this sort of thing. It’s probably supposed to be the former, but it clearly comes across as the latter.”

Beto’s TikTok account only has about 420,000 followers, so it’s clear that he’s not getting the numbers that he would need. This is all across the globe – and he would need a lot more than that just in the state of Texas.

Perhaps it’s for the better, though. The fewer people who see those videos, the better chance he actually has.

Maybe if he just stayed OUT of the videos and let others do their thing, he’d be better off. The videos focus on interviews with Uber drivers giving free rides to the polls, women talking about abortion, and more.

The most impressive video that Beto has is from a Harry Styles concert, where there is a zoom-in on his guitar that features a “Beto for Texas” sticker on it.

Then, they pan to Beto in the crowd where he waves and people cheer. It’s fun, sure, but how many Harry Styles fans are really going out to the polls?

Beto seems to be in this more for celebrity status than for anything else. It’s why he’s always making videos where he pans to himself. He has bought into his own hype, and that’s not what Texas needs right now.

You’ve seen how other politicians bought into the limelight – and they failed to provide for the American people. Obama and AOC are perfect examples of living like celebrities. The governor of Texas doesn’t need to be a celebrity – they just need to hold onto the democracy and listen to Texans. Beto can’t do that because he’s too busy trying to become TikTok famous.