Dems Claim Right is Violent Yet GOP Candidates are Getting Attacked Constantly

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The Democrats are constantly accusing the GOP of being violent – yet the only thing that they can show is the January 6 riots. These were far-right extremists who felt as though the presidency was stolen from Trump. And, realistically, it may have been.

The Democrats are actually the violent ones, as we can attest to with the riots that happened all throughout the summer of 2020 because of the death of George Floyd.

Now, it seems that liberals believe that the only way to get their point across is to become violent. Roe v. Wade was overturned – and we saw rioting. US Supreme Court justices were even being stalked at their homes – and Kavanaugh had a kidnapping attempt on his life.

And as GOP candidates have been campaigning, they have been met with violent attacks.

Neither Biden nor any other Democrat has spoken out against the violence. They haven’t told people to stop – and their silence is seen as acceptance of the violence.

A few weeks ago, a man canvassing a neighborhood for Marco Rubio was attacked. Those within the neighborhood beat the man within inches of his life simply because they didn’t want a Republican on their street.

And more recently, Pat Harrigan has been the victim of an attack. The GOP congressional candidate in North Carolina has had to deal with the liberals coming after his parents. Harrigan’s children were asleep in the home when a shot was fired into the house.

The Carolina Journal reported that “No one was injured, but the officers investigating did find evidence of a bullet casing which is being looked into.”

When did it become okay to get violent when someone has a different opinion? We see it more and more – and it’s almost always the left getting upset when the right doesn’t agree with them. On college campuses, speakers get canceled if they are conservative – yet the liberal ones are welcomed with open arms. If a conservative voice appears, they get spit on, yelled at, and even verbally assaulted.

And Biden’s talk of unity is a joke because he’s allowing people to become violent. He’s not stepping up to tell people to stop – and with the way that liberals want to eliminate bail, prisons, and any kind of crime deterrent, people will continue to become more violent because there’s nothing standing in their way of doing so.

And the hypocrisy only gets worse.

The left can always become violent and that’s considered reasonable.

The moment violence happens to one of their own, they scream until eternity – which is what we’re seeing with the attack on Paul Pelosi. There are still a lot of details unfolding about this “attack,” too – including how a man got into the house with all of the security that the Pelosis have – and why Paul identified the man as a “friend” when making the emergency call.

If we are ever to unite as a country, we have to respect free speech. This is not a one-sided right, either. It is something that both Republicans and Democrats are allowed to have. If there is a difference, we should be able to speak openly about it and respect those differences without always resorting to violence.

And yet, as the various races get decided across the country in the coming week, we should brace for more violence. Those in blue districts are not likely to be open and accepting of the red wave that is washing over them.