Biden Caught Peddling His Lies to America via Twitter Once Again, Thank God Elon Took It Over

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Ever since the self-proclaimed Technoking Elon Musk took over Twitter the left has been getting exactly what they asked for. Elon has cleaned house of their executives, changed content moderation advisors, and is now fact-checking Tweets. This kind of clean sweep is not unheard of when a tech company is bought out, but it is rare in one of Twitter’s size.

However, for the Biden administration and other members of the left, this change in ownership has created nothing but problems. Fact-checking is now being done independently and without bias towards the right or the left side. The content moderation team is working with groups from all sides to try and make laws for the good of the entire Twitter universe.

In other words, Musk is taking Twitter back to the old-style “town square” feeling it initially was proclaimed to be.

This means everyone has a voice, and no one side has a push over the others. For years now, the right has been advocating for this change. Patriots across the country have wanted to use Twitter to help expose the corruption, underhanded deeds, and missteps of lawmakers across the land. If things were attacking the left, the content moderation team was throttling back how many people would see it or outright blocking it.

For President Biden specifically, this has meant the end of proclaiming his administration is always doing great things. After tweeting “Right now, the most common price at gas stations across the country is $3.19 per gallon. That’s progress,” he found himself being fact-checked.

The Twitter team explained “Biden is referring to the “most common gas price” as opposed to the average gas price of $3.800 (11/6/22). The most common is the “mode” gas price. Neither is wrong and politicians tend to reference the one that is lower. The mode diminishes high gas states from the equation.”

While not outright calling him a “liar,” they are doing a great job of exposing the misleading information in his tweet, and ensuring the public is aware of the difference between what he said and what he meant. This kind of misleading is not uncommon for President Biden or any member of the left. This is exactly where they excel the most.

Sweeping out the support leg the left has had on Twitter was a bold and brilliant move by Musk despite many criticizing him for it. As much as many conservatives wanted him to rush and restore every account that was ever banned, this hesitation to jump to that meant the left’s already silenced voices remained silenced.

This latest move of fact-checking Biden and other leaders of the left to ensure they provide proper context and terminology marks the beginning of the end for their parade of misinformation. Biden has already had this happen to him over his speeches, public appearances, and interviews. The fact that Twitter has now caught up with the changing of the guard is appropriate and right.

Having Elon Musk run Twitter has already been a great experience for the world. The bleeding-heart liberals on the left have been abandoning the platform in favor of safe spaces like Instagram and Facebook. Celebrities and public figures are looking at a subscription fee to keep their precious blue check and status symbols. This is America like it was meant to be. This is the America we should have had. Now, let’s get to fixing the rest of it!