Rob Schneider Explains Why He Left California

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If you live anywhere besides California, you’ve likely heard the rumors about just how bad it’s gotten in recent years. And if you live in California, well, you know all too well the horrors that have been allowed to continue in what used to be the Golden State.

It is assumed that, unless you are a raving lib-tard, you also know that all of those horrors have been allowed to exist thanks to Democratic rule and a governor that seems to have not a lick of common sense.

Yes, I’m talking about you, Gavin Newsom. I’ll never know how he just got elected for another term in the Governor’s mansion – especially with so many up in arms about his job not so well done and the fact that the state is losing people right and left because of it.

Take renowned actor and former Saturday Night Live star Rob Schneider, for example.

Like many actors and Hollywood personalities, Schneider once prided himself on living in the West Coast state. And he says he absolutely loved living in San Francisco. The actor recently appeared on “Fox & Friends to discuss his new film, “Daddy Daughter Trip,” and spoke about his recent move from the state.
He explained that his home in San Fran was everything he could want and more – complete with a rooftop deck on the city’s famous cable car line. He loved the history, the atmosphere, and the community. And he thought he’d probably live there “forever.”

But times have changed, and the California he once admired so much has been all but destroyed under leadership like Newsom’s.

And so he left, moving to the “slightly freer state of Arizona” as thousands more have done.

Schneider said that it really came down to him getting tired of feeling like the Democrats were running life, deciding everything he was supposed to, where he should go, and even how he should think. “And there’s not one aspect of your life that they don’t want to interfere with. I had it with them.”

He added that during his time in Cali, he continually noticed things getting worse and worse. No matter what their leaders said or did, things always got worse. Homelessness in San Francisco is just one example of that.

Like so many others in his line of business, Schneider loves America and the freedoms we are so blessed to enjoy. But if our kids experience those same freedoms, and we are to continue to grow as a nation and even “expand its freedoms,” then we can’t let those like Newsom stay in charge.

Neither can we continue to vote as we have done in the past.

In fact, there’s a growing trend noting the importance of this in states such as Arizona, where so many Californians are fleeing to. You might have seen bumper stickers saying, “Don’t California my …,” insert your state name.

For Schneider, he’s all on board with those. And a tweet from him on Monday, the day before Election Day, proved it.

He wrote, “Dear former California Residents, YOU moved out of California for a reason; crime, out-of-control homelessness, taxes, your children being indoctrinated in schools, individual rights being trampled, etc! So please don’t vote the same way to replicate the same s*** you just left.”

You probably didn’t see the tweet, as Schneider limits his audience. However, the tweet had already received a whopping 74,000 likes in a mere twelve hours after being posted. So it’s clear that it’s a growing trend indeed.

And so, so true.

If we are to make sure that our states don’t end up like California, with out-of-control crime, taxes through the roof, homelessness everywhere, and schools where kids are not taught how to think but what to think, then we have to start voting in a different pattern. Or perhaps no pattern at all.

Instead of looking at the party color, let’s start looking at the policies candidates promote and then really think about how those will affect our kids and us. Let’s not let America be California-ed.