Yet Another FBI Informant Outed in the January 6 “Fedsurrection”

Gorodenkoff /
Gorodenkoff /

The Democrat Party and the mainstream media continue to gaslight us about the mostly peaceful election justice protest of January 6, 2021. They claim it was an “insurrection,” an “attack on our democracy,” and worse than 9/11, Pearl Harbor, the Civil War, and Season 5 of the Jerry Springer Show combined. And yet… the government refuses to let the American people know how our tax dollars actually contributed to the relatively mild and peaceful “riot” that took place that day, via the paid informants, undercover FBI agents, and federal provocateurs who incited the whole thing. Why can’t we know that? We do know about one additional fed who was directly involved because his name just came out in the “seditious conspiracy” trial of Oath Keepers founder Stuart Rhodes.

It turns out that the vice president of Oath Keepers, a guy named Greg McWhirter, was reporting directly to the FBI on the group’s activities and meetings. McWhirter worked for the FBI for months leading up to January 6th. His name just came up in the Rhodes trial. And not from the prosecution!

Federal prosecutors, in trying to prove their case, didn’t actually call McWhirter as a witness in the trial? Now that it’s the defense’s turn to call witnesses, they’ve subpoenaed McWhirter. The defense obviously thinks that McWhirter will be able to tell them something exculpatory about Stuart Rhodes and the supposed “seditious conspiracy” that the government is trying to prove. The whole thing is just weird. Here’s a fed, McWhirter, who the prosecutors tried to hide from the public, but the defense thinks he’ll help to exonerate their client. Which says a lot, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, before McWhirter was supposed to testify in the Rhodes trial a few days ago, he had a heart attack and was unable to make the trip to DC to testify. (We’re not saying it was the vaccine, but…) McWhirter’s testimony has now been delayed, so he can recover. The judge has said they may have him testify via video conference, depending on McWhirter’s health.

As if it hasn’t gotten strange enough, McWhirter was not the only fed inside the Oath Keepers organization. Another Oath Keeper named Abdullah Rasheed was working with the FBI as well. He’s from West Virginia. Rasheed says he approached the FBI with a recording of an Oath Keepers meeting that upset his delicate feelings.

Rasheed told the FBI that he was alarmed at how some of the Oath Keepers were talking on a Zoom call. Don’t forget how infuriated the vast majority of Americans were after the 2020 election was stolen and every single institution in the country refused to investigate it when you hear things like that. Rasheed claimed that it sounded (to him) like the Oath Keepers were planning to go to war with the US government. Which was kind of weird, since none of the Oath Keepers showed up in DC on January 6th with guns, but whatever. Details like that undermine the narrative that it was an “insurrection!”

We also know that a low-level member of the Kansas City chapter of the Proud Boys was working with the FBI, and Enrique Tarrio, the head of the entire Proud Boys organization, was a fed informant in the past. And let’s not forget the mysterious Ray Epps. That’s at least five feds across two organizations that were present in DC on January 6th.

Why doesn’t the government want us to know about all the FBI agents that were in the crowd on January 6? What were those agents doing? Did they incite violence in the crowd? Did they commit any acts of violence or vandalism? Those seem like key questions since we’re being told that this was the worst attack in the entire history of our nation.