If SCOTUS Kills Affirmative Action, Biden Will Do THIS

Vitalii Vodolazskyi / shutterstock.com
Vitalii Vodolazskyi / shutterstock.com

If you haven’t heard, affirmative action is on trial in the Supreme Court, with the High Court currently hearing arguments both for and against it. And according to those close to the case, it looks like a very real possibility that the court could ban the racist college admissions practice for good.

Of course, the woke and most on the political left are none too happy about that. And as such have begun to drum up a plan to combat its ban.

To be sure, the plan, announced the day after Election Day by Democratic President Biden himself, is terrifying, to be sure. But before we get too far into that, let’s ensure we are all on the same page about affirmative action and what it actually does in our education system.

Let’s go back to 2018 when the practice was brought up in a federal lawsuit against Harvard. It was alleged that the school was using discriminatory admissions practices making it more difficult for Asian Americans to be accepted by the admissions department.

As TIME noted, the college held Asian Americans to a “higher standard than students of other races” and “using an illegal racial quota system.” Of course, Harvard denied such allegations; instead, it used a more “holistic” approach to the admission process. By ‘holistic,’ TIME reported that the school used a set of personal traits that usually resulted in fewer Asian American students and more black and Latino ones.

In today’s age, the University of North Carolina says the same practices are being used to create more diversity among the student body, which supposedly is a must for an efficient and decisive population.

However, it appears the Supreme Court isn’t buying either excuse, especially when someone like Justice Clarence Thomas is on the bench. As a black man, Thomas was a recipient of affirmative action, allowing Yale to use his race as another reason why he should be accepted to the school.

Looking back, he regrets ever allowing such, as he says it has haunted him ever since. Since race was used, and not merely his hard work and excellent grades, everyone from professors and industry recruiters to now politicians and court officials have questioned his credibility and qualifications, wondering if he actually deserved whatever position he was in.

And Thomas doesn’t want to see any other young Americans given the same discredit simply because a college wants a more ‘diverse’ population. Neither does he want to see students taught to be entitled to positions and even grades they don’t deserve simply because their skin is a bit darker than others.

But, as I said, Biden and his ilk have a plan to keep the racism and indoctrination of kids going even if affirmative action is outlawed.

What does that involve, exactly?

Well, according to statements Biden recently made, it means sending our toddlers to school and extending education after high school for another two years for free community college or trade schools.

He told the press that we should consider things like “starting education at age three.”

And no, as he corrected, this does not mean daycare but actual and formal school. According to him, statistics show that the earlier kids start a formal education, the more likely they are to finish high school. I have no idea what studies he’s looking at, as usual.

This means that at the age when most kids are being potty trained and learning simple tasks like dressing themselves, they’ll also be forced to learn the alphabet, numbers, and any doctrines their teachers want, all while you are working.

So much for letting kids be kids.

As it stands now, we already have teachers in grades as early as kindergarten teaching things like sexual orientation, gender, racism, and more. I mean, schools in some states are literally allowed to bring in drag queens to share stories with 5-year-olds.

And now, Biden is suggesting this could happen to even younger kids – before they even know how to dress themselves fully.

If you weren’t terrified of the Biden administration before, you definitely should be now.