DeSantis Scores Another Big Win in Case Against Him


Recently re-elected Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become an apparent target for the political left in recent years, particularly since taking a stand against woke Washington leadership hellbent on enforcing draconian pandemic lockdowns and mandates. Those against him also don’t like that he’s stood up for the most innocent and vulnerable of us – the unborn.

But for one woke Democrat, being against DeSantis hasn’t turned out so well for him. He’s been suspended from his job, lost all self-respect, and now, even his misguided attempts to get his job back are being thwarted.

Enter former Florida state attorney Andrew Warren. Like many in his party, he was none too pleased by the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade case on abortion. And he was equally unhappy about his state shortly after that passing and signing into law limitations on that procedure.

If you didn’t know, new Florida laws make abortions no longer legal after 15 weeks of pregnancy, the time at which an unborn child is expected to be able to feel pain.

Of course, there are exceptions to the law, as in most states. But it still left a great many Democrats more than unhappy with the situation. As one such Democrat, Warren was so disgusted by the new approval of life that he tried to take matters into his own hands, literally.

Shortly after DeSantis signed the bill into law in June, Warren announced that he would not be accepting the new passage. Instead, he, along with a number of other prosecutors nationwide, pledged that he would not be enforcing the state’s abortion law.

Basically, he declared himself alone as the final authority on laws in the state, regardless that he had no such rights.

Clearly, it’s a flagrant violation of his sworn duties as a prosecutor and an elected official, not to mention the entire justice system. As DeSantis stated shortly afterward, “When you make yourself above the law, you have violated your duty.”

And for that, DeSantis correctly decided that Warren no longer deserved his seat of power and suspended him.

But even in this decision, Warren still thought himself above the law. And so, he’s trying to take DeSantis to court to get his job back. Of course, the only problem is that no one is all that eager to see him reach that goal.

The suit brought by Warren attempted to have DeSantis brought into the courtroom to explain himself, or at least why he decided to suspend Warren.

I know it all seems a bit redundant. I mean, DeSantis made himself pretty clear when he first announced Warren’s suspension. And it’s not like Warren’s own actions or words haven’t proved DeSantis right time and time again.

It would also appear that we aren’t the only ones to see it as such.

US District Judge Robert Hinkle even granted a motion by the DeSantis legal team arguing that forcing the governor to testify would be a violation of the must-be-maintained separation of the executive branch and the judiciary in the state, according to the Law & Crime website.

And it, indeed, would be. I mean, how would it look to have the governor intervening in a judiciary case?

You’d think a prosecutor, elected not once but twice to serve the state, would know that. His job, after all, is the law, right? Just one more reason why Warren does not deserve the title he once had.

In any case, Hinkle made it quite clear that DeSantis would not “be testifying.” He continued with, “And I guess I should tell both sides I think it’s very unlikely that the situation would change.”

Besides, it’s not like everything important to the case hasn’t already been said – and most of it by the man bringing the lawsuit. As I’ve already mentioned, Warren’s words and actions alone have proved why he shouldn’t be deciding on cases in the court of law anymore. And whatever else might be needed is already on record as being said by DeSantis.

Case closed.