Thousands of Potential Illegals Camp Out While They Wait for the “All Clear” To Cross the Border

Alexander Lukatskiy /
Alexander Lukatskiy /

Title 42 has been a blessing for the southern border towns. The American people were able to have a small albeit short reprieve from the massive influx of illegal immigration coming from the south, and this act gave the illegals good cause to stay on their side of the border. With President Biden removing that and clearing the way for illegals to be allowed to stay even when they get caught, now they are camping out to get ready to crash the border.

First imposed by President Trump, this act helped stem the rush of people fleeing their situations with COVID in their home countries and made them stick it out. By quickly removing them at the border and sending them back home, the goal was to prevent the COVID spread. Naturally, when a federal judge struck it down, the Biden administration didn’t appeal. Instead, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas requested five weeks to get ready.

With a timeline firmly outlined, the potential illegals have been entrenched along the border in makeshift tent cities. Thousands have poured in from Tijuana to Juarez and hundreds of other small towns and cities along the border. All of them resting, eating, and planning how they will rush the border when Title 42 comes to an end. This time to plot, scheme, and plan will give them an immense upper hand against an already overworked, understaffed, and underfunded Border Patrol.

Now, President Biden can of course assist the BP by mobilizing military units to stand guard and assist with the flood of illegals. Given past criticism of prior military engagements along the border, he isn’t likely to take such actions. He is far too worried about securing the “hearts and minds” of the illegals and the legal citizens who want them to flood over.

Reporter Morgan Smith of El Paso Inc. traveled around the camps in Juarez and Palomas, Mexico to get a first-hand look at what is waiting for BP.

“On a recent Saturday, I made my third trip to the tent camp set up by hundreds of Venezuelan migrants in Juárez, just across the Rio Grande from the Border Patrol processing center in El Paso. On this same Nov. 19 trip, I visited the Respettrans shelter in Juárez, which was housing almost double the number of migrants it normally does. I also visited shelters in Deming, New Mexico, and Palomas, Mexico. Both are full.”

This kind of perspective paints the situation uniquely. With 14,000 illegals being reported in Tijuana alone waiting with bated breath for the time to pass, there is no shortage of people who will rush the border. With roughly a month to go before this ends, this figure is sure to surge just before the flag drops and they rush over.

Biden’s administration has already seen about 5.5 million catch-and-release illegals along the border, and an additional 1.4 million border crossers that they caught near the border and released across the country. This kind of damage is only serving to rot America to its very core.

The idea that we need to soften our stance on illegal immigration has been a cornerstone of the liberal agenda for years. By capturing the potential votes of the illegals after they get citizenship and become eligible to vote in local elections, the Democrats look to restore their voter base and strengthen their local elections. This is pandering to one of the worst levels seen in American history.

Giving automatic citizenship or a shortened and greatly assisted path to citizenship for these illegals by calling them “asylum seekers” or any other PC nickname is horrific. It serves as a strong slap in the face of those who immigrated here legally. To those who spend thousands of dollars, and numerous years apart waiting on sponsorship and vetting, this is an insult. President Biden and his whole administration should be ashamed.