Chinese Government Deploys Sex Bots to Twitter in a Move To Block Protest News

Mirko Kuzmanovic /
Mirko Kuzmanovic /

The people of China are slowly beginning to engage in the fight of their lives. After years of oppression under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), they have slowly begun to see just how bad they have had it and are done taking it. So, they have been standing up to the CCP and organizing demonstrations.

These demonstrations take quick, concise, and thorough coordination. With the level of corruption and censorship, the CCP imposes on the people of China, it’s impossible to send text messages or leave static posts for information. Instead, they are using burner accounts to get the messages through, and often they make another one for the next demonstration. This prevents the CCP from identifying and censoring them.

However, Twitter is now undergoing a change. According to one former employee, Elon Musk is going to have big problems in China. All his Chinese influence operators (people who keep spam out and remove bot accounts) are all gone. Having resigned from the company either in the wake of Musk’s acquisition, or his attitude toward what their work needed to be. They couldn’t take it and left before they could get fired.

For those searching Twitter for major cities with mass protests, they will likely encounter a massive flood of escorts, porn, and gambling. The goal here is to drown out the legitimate search results and prevent information from getting seen by people. Multiple data analysts have monitored the situation for some time and have seen a dramatic shift in numbers recently to support these results.

Mengyu Dong of Stanford University noticed how the “vast majority” of the accounts in these locations are spam accounts that “tweet at a high, steady rate throughout the day, suggesting automation.” These kinds of accounts “make it more difficult for Chinese users to access information about the mass protests. Some of these acts have been dormant for years, only to become active … after protests broke out in China.”

Dong also added, “Sadly if a Chinese person decides to come to Twitter to find out what happened in China last night, these nsfw [not suitable for work] posts shared by bots are likely the first to show up in their search results.” She’s 100% right too.

This is not the first time the CCP has been suspected of doing this. Previous protests have had similar responses from the CCP, as has prior door-to-door searches and knocks. The people would use Twitter to be on alert for one another. Now, without someone independently monitoring the situation and taking things seriously, the bots drown out the voices of those who need help the most.

As it stands now, bot spamming on Twitter has been effective in China and many other countries. Considering the CCP ran police are checking phones, destroying evidence of wrongdoings, and taking the fight to the thousands of protestors, it is only a matter of time until the country goes completely dark from the outside world.

Given how successful Kim Jong-un and his family have been in isolating North Korea, it is only a matter of time before that happens in China. It’s the only way for them to gain compliance by silence. Especially since all their sexbots have done so far is just force the protestors to look for new apps, and to flood the location pages as best they can as well. Mind you, there is no ability to flood the market manually when you are competing with bots.