Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) Demands Apple and Others Finally Bring Manufacturing Back to the US

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Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has had enough of multinational corporations profiting substantial amounts by continuing to have production of their goods done in China. Calling directly on Apple CEO Tim Cook in a letter, he pointed out how badly this was cheating the US consumer. Especially as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to enforce their “Zero-COVID-Lockdowns,” keeping residents locked at home or in CCP pods.

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the Chinese Communist Party has subjected the Chinese people to draconian public health measures. During the past week, dissatisfaction with the nation’s so-called zero-COVID policy came to a head: from Beijing to Shanghai and Urumqi, citizens took to the streets to protest and voice their dissent. This included demonstrations at a Foxconn factory in the city of Zhengzhou, one of the largest manufacturers of Apple’s iPhone.”

These steps by the CCP have been horrendous, and what Sen. Hawley describes here is just the tip of the iceberg. His letter then goes on to explain how 95% of the phone is made in China, and how disruptive these protests may be to the production of Apple products.

There is also the question of Apple supporting the CCP policies and lockdowns. As Cook explains, China had requested the Airdrop feature be disabled in China, and Apple complied. This is directly supporting the CCP.

He then goes on to point out the steps Apple has publicly claimed they may institute such censorship policies here in the US. With reports indicating that Apple is considering de-platforming Twitter from their App Store due to the new policies after it was taken over, Sen. Hawley raised a great point about the two-faced nature of Apple products and how they have bent the knee to the CCP.

“You have been called the architect of Apple’s strategy to outsource production to China. While this strategy has yielded short-term profits for you and your shareholders, cracks are beginning to emerge in the aftermath of the pandemic and in the face of intensifying geopolitical tensions. It is time for Apple to chart a new path forward. I, therefore, urge you to take meaningful steps to reduce your dependence on Chinese labor, especially by reshoring production in the United States.”

By calling Apple out in a letter, Sen. Hawley is bringing the actions of China out on full display for all to see…especially since the mainstream media has been quick to censor or downplay these reports. Given the current reliance on China’s manufacturing, much of the tech industry is at risk for significant disruptions in the future should the crackdown policies somehow become even stricter.

There is also the concern of improprieties. Back in 2016, Apple signed a $275 billion contract with the CCP to ensure there was no crackdown on how Apple was doing business in China. Just months following that contract Apple surged to take a 23% share of the market in China. This made them their number-one smartphone brand for the first time in six years.

Cutting out the middle and working class from their business model has been the cornerstone of Apple’s business model. By making everything in China their market value has surged to $2.3 trillion, and they have shipped hundreds of thousands of jobs to China, with little to no concern or oversight on China’s history of slave and child labor.

In 2020, an Australian think tank issued a detailed report about the use of Uyghur Muslims as slaves in the factories of multinational corporations at the direction of the CCP. Apple is listed as one of the companies that have largely benefitted from this slave labor. Hidden footage has shown deplorable working conditions and children being put to work to support the report multiple times in the last 20 years.

If Apple is to survive, Hawley is right. It’s time to bring the manufacturing back to American soil.