10 “White Privileges” the Left Think Exist in Modern Day America

sitthiphong / shutterstock.com
sitthiphong / shutterstock.com

Everywhere you look, it’s there. From mainstream articles to your feed on social media. Your kid’s education to the new extra training at work. Somewhere, someone is wanting to make you feel guilty for being white.

It’s time to expose these 10 myths for what they are.

#1: If I should need to move, I can be pretty sure of renting or purchasing housing in an area that I can afford and in which I would want to live.
This kind of argument is based solely on the area you are looking to call home. Given the current market, everyone is suffering from problems in finding suitable living accommodations.

#2: I can be pretty sure that my neighbors in such a location will be neutral or pleasant to me.
How your neighbors see you is greatly impacted by how you present yourself. Act like a fool, and they will treat you like one.

#3: I can go shopping alone most of the time, well assured that I will not be followed or harassed.
Many stores instead spend money on surveillance equipment. They aren’t following you, but rather surveilling you.

#4: I can arrange to protect my children most of the time from people who might not like them.
Every race can do this. While evil still exists, there are multiple layers of protection in place in 2022.

#5: I can swear, dress in second-hand clothes, or not answer letters, without having people attribute these choices to the bad morals, the poverty, or the illiteracy of my race.
Bad morals, poverty, and illiteracy are problems with upbringing, and not problems of race. These kinds of assumptions are based on prior experience and not race.

#6: I can be pretty sure that if I ask to talk to “the person in charge,” I will be facing a person of my race.
That depends greatly on where you are. If you should find yourself in an area with one race of a higher population, you can safely assume “the person in charge” will likely be representative of that racial demographic. This is simple math.

#7: If a traffic cop pulls me over or if the IRS audits my tax return, I can be sure I haven’t been singled out because of my race.
Nobody can ever assume why a cop pulled them over. What can be assumed is that by appropriately handling yourself you are more likely to walk away from the encounter without incident.

#8: Whether I use checks, credit cards, or cash, I can count on my skin color not to work against the appearance of financial reliability.
It is the demeanor, dress, and attitude that makes these assumptions, not race.

#9: I can be sure that my children will be given curricular materials that testify to the existence of their race.
In 2022, no school is denying the existence of another race. While facts of history are constantly being challenged, that’s because of one simple truth; the victor writes the narrative.

#10: I can go into a music shop and count on finding the music of my race represented, into a supermarket and find the staple foods that fit with my cultural traditions and walk into a hairdresser’s shop and find someone who can cut my hair.
Once again, this is all dependent on the location you are in. Demographics of the area determine what is being sold, and what they carry. You cannot expect every location to have something that fits your racial mold.

As you can see, these assumptions are out of date, and no longer being held in America. White privilege is an excuse for those who underachieve to blame someone besides themselves. It is passing the buck at its very worst.