Oregon DOJ Finally Admits New Law Bans All Gun Sales

Nomad_Soul / shutterstock.com
Nomad_Soul / shutterstock.com

Oregon’s new gun control law, Measure 114, barely passed by a razor-thin margin of 1.6% in the November midterm elections. The law is so insanely restrictive that Democrat lawmakers in California are looking at Oregon with jealousy now.

Every major gun rights organization in America has already filed a lawsuit against the state for Measure 114. And in their most recent court filing in response to those lawsuits, the Oregon Department of Justice has made a surprisingly honest admission. By asking the court to temporarily delay the implementation of Measure 114, the DOJ admits that the law will effectively ban ALL gun sales in Oregon.

Measure 114 was supposed to be implemented within 30 days of the vote, which would have been December 8th. The law bans almost all firearms, mainly by banning magazines that hold more than 5 shots. That means most pistols and sporting rifles in existence. Tube-fed weapons like semi-auto shotguns and rifles are still legal, but anything with a magazine that size is effectively illegal now.

The law also requires new draconian hoops to jump through before a person can even purchase a firearm. They have to first take a gun safety course from law enforcement. Training from the National Rifle Association, which has been conducting firearms classes since 1871, is not good enough under Measure 114.

Prospective gun buyers must instead take an approved firearm safety course from a law enforcement agency. (Queue the jokes about the Uvalde Police Department.)
Only after they’ve gone through the training can a person then apply for a permit to purchase a gun. They have to present proof that they’ve gone through the law enforcement training to receive a permit. After the permit is approved by the government, the person trying to exercise a right that God bestowed on them is finally allowed to purchase one firearm. If they want to purchase a second firearm, they presumably have to jump through all those hoops again.

All existing firearms in certain classes must now be registered with the government in order to be legal, and gun owners will have to pay a tax to maintain their registration. If you’re scratching your head and thinking that every single aspect of Measure 114 is unconstitutional and a direct violation of the Second Amendment, you are correct. That’s exactly what Measure 114 is. Everything about it is designed to infringe on Second Amendment rights, by making it too difficult and cumbersome to purchase a firearm in Oregon.

It goes without saying that having to ask the government for permission to exercise a right means that you have already lost that right.

Oregonians have been flooding gun stores to purchase firearms in the past few weeks, trying to stock up before the December 8 deadline with Measure 114 goes into effect. The passage of the law has resulted in the largest surge in gun purchases in Oregon history, which is a good thing. It sounds like the citizens of Oregon will need those guns soon, based on the way their government is treating them.

Naturally, the NRA, Gun Owners of America, the Firearms Policy Coalition, and other gun groups have filed major lawsuits to prevent the implementation of Measure 114. Many of the provisions of the law have already been struck down by the Supreme Court, so it’s unclear why the gun grabbers are even trying to implement it.

In the meantime, the DOJ is asking the court to delay its implementation. No law enforcement agency in Oregon is ready with an “approved” firearms training course. Therefore, had the law gone into effect on December 8, no one would be able to purchase a firearm. It kind of goes without saying that preventing everyone from buying a gun is an infringement of gun rights. A judge will rule on whether to temporarily suspend the law sometime before December 8th.