House to Repeal Military Vaccine Mandate…But

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Vaccine mandates… For far, far too many of us, we didn’t choose to get vaccinated against COVID-19, if you can even call it that. Instead, we were forced to lest we lose our jobs and livelihoods.

With already hundreds of thousands who have lost their jobs or spent so much time off during the height of the COVID pandemic and its government-mandated lockdowns, now many of us have to choose between putting something unknown and possibly dangerous into our bodies or keeping food on the table for our families.

And many of us opted for the latter, hoping that the horror stories from some about the vaccines weren’t true.

According to USA Facts, some 79 percent of Americans got at least one dose of the COVID vaccine as a result. And for the US military, that number is even higher. CNN reports that at least 97 percent of American military service members were vaccinated as of December 2021.

If you hadn’t realized, most military members are incredibly proud of their service, as they should be. They also get some pretty amazing benefits for both themselves and their family members. And to lose those can be devastating. And so, as the number proves, most got their double, triple, etc., jab.

And now that most have been inoculated, the House is considering a bill that would repeal the vaccine mandate for all active military members.

To be sure, it’s a great thing. No more vaccines, no more jabs, and no more concern about losing either their jobs or benefits if they don’t feel like it.

However, there’s just one small problem with the bill. It doesn’t do anything to reinstate the literal thousands who were fired and dismissed, losing all benefits for not being vaccinated.

According to, some 14,000 National Guard members and another 22,000 Army Reserves were kicked out for simply refusing the vaccines.

Should the bill pass and the vaccine mandate be nixed, it would be a great thing for future and existing military members. But for those who have lost it all already, they are still being dragged through the mud with no hope of resuming their duties or their benefits.

Now, to be clear, there are a number of legislators, both in the House and Senate, who are working to make amendments to the bill, adding in provisions that might work to compensate those wrongfully dismissed individuals in some way.

However, as Fox News reports, they are making very little headway in the grand scheme of things.

Part of this could be because the White House and the Biden administration are still firmly against the repeal altogether.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, appointed by Biden, has never been a huge military fan, particularly for those within its ranks who actually stand up for freedom and free will.

According to White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby, “Secretary Austin’s been very clear that he opposes the repeal of that vaccine mandate, and the president actually concurs with the secretary that we need to continue to believe that all Americans, including those in the armed forces, should be vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19.”

But at what cost?

As we’ve already established, the US military has suffered some major personnel losses due to these vaccine mandates. Recruitment numbers are way down, too, as a result. If the military has any real hope of surviving, let alone actually protecting and fighting for our nation against her enemies, some real changes will have to be made.

There’s also the fact that we still don’t know what’s in those vaccines – and won’t for some time.

Back in 2021, the FDA stated that it wouldn’t even release any data on the Pfizer vaccines for at least 75 years. Most of us will be dead by then.

And yet, the government wants to mandate you to take it or end your employment and military service? If that’s not corrupt, I don’t know what is – and illegal as hell, in my book.