Did Elon Musk Unwittingly Fire Thousands of Deep State Feds?

Andrea Izzotti / shutterstock.com
Andrea Izzotti / shutterstock.com

Just a few days ago, there was an employee in the Arizona Secretary of State’s office named Kori Lorick. Her title was “Director of Elections.” Kori Lorick also happens to be a “former” FBI agent. But you won’t find her on the Secretary of State’s website today. She – and her position – vanished into thin air after independent journalist Emerald Robinson outed her as a fed. Does anyone else think it’s weird that an FBI agent was running Arizona’s elections? The truth is, most Americans will be shocked if they ever learn just how deeply the Deep State has penetrated all of our institutions. Twitter is the latest and best example.

Elon Musk has been releasing internal files from Twitter since he took over ownership. There seems to be a pretty disturbing trend of spooks, intel officials, spies, and Deep State plants working at tech companies. Tucker Carlson outed a bunch of them just this week. At least 15 of the upper management personnel at Twitter were former employees at the CIA, the NSA, Naval Intelligence, and especially the FBI. James Baker, the former FBI Russia collusion hoaxer, was one of them. Baker was fired by Musk when he was caught censoring the release of information that would have been damaging to the bureau.

Musk fired thousands of Twitter employees within the first few days of the new ownership. People predicted that Twitter would collapse because those thousands of people were necessary to keep the site running. The opposite happened. Twitter ran just fine, and it’s a better platform right now than it was just a few weeks ago. It begs the question: What exactly were those thousands of employees doing all day, every day, that had nothing to do with the actual operation of Twitter? Second question: How many of those “Twitter employees” were actually feds?

Tucker Carlson hit the nail on the head with this observation:
“It’s all pretty weird. Could it be that while the rest of us imagined that Twitter was a social media site—a place to vent about politics and sports and the Kardashians—could it be that Twitter was actually, maybe primarily, a propaganda tool and intelligence gathering apparatus for a variety of intel agencies?”

Of course, it was! Remember blogging? Lots of people used to do it, and some still do. Anybody could purchase their own domain name and slap together a website with WordPress. All it took was a little spit, elbow grease, and trial and error. It doesn’t take an army of thousands of people to run a social media site. Musk is still running Twitter with just a few dozen engineers today.

Twitter used to be a legitimate social media site. The big shift came back in 2011 and 2012 when Barack Obama decided he wanted to overthrow every non-Sunni government in the Middle East for his Sunni buddies in Saudi Arabia. The Obama administration approached Jack Dorsey and asked if they could expand Twitter’s reach into places like Libya and Egypt and Syria to push out “pro-democracy” propaganda. The intel agencies would provide all the infrastructure and personnel Twitter would need to launch Obama’s “Arab Spring” color revolutions in those countries.

Dorsey took the deal. It seems obvious now that sometime after 2011, Dorsey completely lost control of Twitter. He was still a figurehead and making tons of money, but the company was no longer his. He honestly doesn’t seem to have a clue what was going on there, because the website that he started was now fully under the control of the Deep State.

Elon Musk may or may not realize it, but he may have just unwittingly just fired several thousand Deep State federal agents, whose job was to push out propaganda and limit the flow of information they didn’t want you to see. They’re not going to be happy with him about that.