The Tillis Amnesty Deal Just Crashed and Burned into a Smoldering Heap

Christopher Penler /
Christopher Penler /

Hundreds of years in the future, long after the sun has set on this experiment we call America, historians are going to marvel at how Republican voters continued to elect dumb, self-loathing, and unpatriotic losers who contributed to the destruction of this great country.

We’ve never gone through a time in America where elected politicians were more out of touch with their own base, not to mention a wide margin of Americans from both parties.

Yet here we go again. Every political cycle, another Republican Senator is dumb enough to get rolled by Chuck Schumer on amnesty. This time around, it was Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC).

Even before Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) left the Democrat Party to become an “Independent,” Chuck Schumer sent her to cozy up to Thom Tillis and start working on a DACA amnesty package. It’s like Schumer has an uncanny ability to always pick out the mentally weakest member of the herd. Thom Tillis, completely ignoring the last 35 years of American history, eagerly latched onto the idea.

At a time when Joe Biden is allowing somewhere between 2.5 and 4 million illegal aliens into the country every year, legal immigration is back to all-time highs, and 70% of the public thinks it’s time to put the brakes on all immigration for a while so we can catch our breath, Tillis became convinced that amnesty for DACA illegals was a good idea. Americans hate Obama’s Deferred Action on (Fake) Childhood Arrivals. They hated it when Obama illegally declared his DACA amnesty without a vote of Congress. They still hate it today. Most of us even hated it when Donald Trump was pushing amnesty for “those amazing kids.”

Breitbart News talked to the head Department of Homeland Security officer with Customs and Border Patrol back in 2015 about the DACA program. That officer’s job was to vet the claims of people who signed up for DACA amnesty and work permits. His conclusion? More than 90% of them were frauds. They weren’t people who were brought here as children by their illegal alien parents. They were just more illegals trying to game the system.

Yet, Thom Tillis was fully convinced by the Democrat Party’s shuck-and-jive on this issue and set to work drafting amnesty legislation. Maybe he should have talked to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) first. Or at least checked with some of his own constituents.

Rubio was the last Republican Senator who was duped into supporting amnesty by Chuck Schumer, back in 2013. He was lucky his political career survived. Rubio was a young Senator at the time, and incredibly naïve. He fell for the Democrats’ “amnesty first, border enforcement sometime later” trick that Republicans have been falling for since the 1980s. At least Rubio was smart enough to never fall for that again.

Speaking of the 1980s, does anyone remember what President Ronald Reagan’s greatest regret was from his time in office?

Spoiler alert: It was the farm bill amnesty!

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens – many of whom had never set foot on a farm – were granted amnesty at that time. During their interviews with INS, many of the illegals thought cherries grew under the ground and that cotton was purple. (True story.) That’s what great “farm workers,” they were. One of the amnestied “farm workers” who we just absolutely needed to pick our crops was really an Islamic terrorist who later set off a bomb in the basement of the World Trade Center. As for the promised “border enforcement sometime later” in the law, it never happened.

The good news is that GOP Senators’ offices have been flooded with enraged calls by American voters ever since Tillis began bizarrely bragging that he was working on an amnesty bill. The bill is dead in the water. So many people called their Republican Senators that even Mitch McConnell, who normally supports amnesty, was convinced to back down.

Seriously, where do we keep finding these idiots, and why do we keep re-electing them? Has Thom Tillis ever talked to a single normal person from his state?

How many times are the American people going to have to explain this to Republican Senators? We don’t want amnesty for illegal aliens who have broken our laws and breached the sanctity of our borders. We don’t want it now, and we won’t want it at any point in the future. Period!