FL Teen Nearly Kills Mom Instead of Cleaning His Room

Natallia Ramanouskaya / shutterstock.com
Natallia Ramanouskaya / shutterstock.com

Many Americans like to joke about something being in the water down in Florida, and after this latest attack, it really sounds plausible.

Tobias “Toby” Jacob Brewer, 17, of Cocoa, FL viciously attacked his mother with a pocketknife and a frying pan on November 30th. This led to a high-speed pursuit across several counties before he crashed. After a short chase and with his eventual apprehension, he told detectives he attacked her because she was “constantly on his case about cleaning his room,” according to the police report.

“The suspect advised that he does not like cleaning his room and was tired of the victim (his mom) constantly harping about it,” the report went on to state. He also told detectives he took her car keys and cash as he fled “so that he can have money once he left the area,” per a probable cause affidavit.

Raising kids in any generation has never been easy. In the last 20 years, it has only gotten more complicated. With the current surge in advancements for the internet, the American people are finding themselves more desensitized to violence and sexual promiscuity than ever. Kids like Toby are incredibly susceptible to their draw and being raised in a single-parent household like this provides no help.

When a victim is beaten with a frying pan until the handle breaks off and stabbed repeatedly with a pocketknife, there is a clear sign that something is deeply wrong with the person committing the crime. The choice of weapons indicates that this attack is incredibly personal, and it has been brewing for a long time. He also requested that an autistic friend bring over a gun, but the friend denied that request, and instead offered to bring a knife. No word about this being the knife in the attack or not.

In the chase, Brewer brought along two of his buddies and his girlfriend. When the vehicle wrecked, all four ran off in different directions, but Brewer was quickly apprehended. This yet again serves as a sign of something being wrong not only with this young man but with his friends as well. This is not the kind of upbringing we should be giving our kids, and it is proof that the American people need to do better as parents.

When authorities finally got to his mother, she was quick to name her son as the lone attacker. A mother will often lie or cover up for her son. Not this mom, and good for her. Per the reports, she has been doing her best to raise a productive member of society, and now as she lies in a hospital in critical condition, she may not get another shot. Now, he will belong to the jails, and they don’t take kindly to violence against women, especially your own mother.

That’s the key so many households are missing these days: a positive male influence in the household. Someone to show the boys how to become men. To teach them how to treat a woman with respect, and how to be the leaders of tomorrow. Brewer obviously didn’t get that, and now he’ll be learning his lessons over a long time in the state penitentiary.

While the threat of the situation shouldn’t be the lesson learned here, it should be a bold wake-up call for the American people that this liberal agenda of “single moms are the best moms” needs to stop. We need the return of strong male role models and two-parent households. Not more participation trophies, hugs, and kisses so kids cannot learn to process emotions or more electronic devices as babysitters.

As a nation, we are doing this to ourselves, and it’s time to stop.