THIS Could Come Back to Bite Biden

Perry McLeod /
Perry McLeod /

In the past few weeks, we’ve heard quite a bit about Democratic President Joe Biden and his hypocrisy in having classified documents at his home. After all, it was just a few months ago that he blasted former President Donald Trump for having the same.

Naturally, it’s not a very good look to then have similarly classified documents found in your own home. But as usual, Biden seems to be skating through the supposed crime.

I imagine that much of this comes from the fact that his supposed hypocrisy has so far only been noted of in terms of how it relates to Trump, the arch-enemy of the political left. I mean, Trump is Trump. No one quite compares, and no one else could incur such wrath from the Democrats.

As such, anything Biden did, in comparison to Trump, even if it is the exact same thing, is likely to be ignored and swept under the rug. So too, would any seemingly hypocritical statements of Trump by Biden be quickly forgotten.

But what if it became known that Trump was not the only person who Biden has called out for having classified documents in their possession through the years? And what if that other person was a Democrat, and Biden sided with the Republicans to turn on him and drag his name through the mud?

To be clear, this is not a hypothetical situation. It’s a very real reality. Just ask Ted Sorensen.

If you aren’t familiar with Sorensen’s name, it’s likely because he never made it into the big leagues like Biden, although he tried.

In 1977, during Jimmy Carter’s early days as president, Sorensen was named as Carter’s choice to head up the CIA. And for a time, it seemed he was a shoo-in for the position. But, thanks to Biden, all that ended rather quickly.

You see, like Trump and now Biden, Sorensen was found with classified documents in his possession. Apparently, he had taken them to write a biography for his longtime friend John F. Kennedy, according to The Intercept at the time.

At first, then-Senator Biden didn’t squawk too much, even promising Sorensen as a friend that he would help him through the confirmation process. But then Republicans aimed at the situation, attempting to oust Sorensen’s chances of being the CIA director. And Biden suddenly sided with the opposition.

Hell, Biden even unearthed an affidavit that was never officially filed and used it as a weapon against Sorensen. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Biden then suggested that Sorensen should maybe be “indicted or convicted under the espionage statutes” for having such documents. In the same interview with The Intercept, Biden then asked: “whether Mr. Sorensen intentionally took advantage of the ambiguities in the law or carelessly ignored the law.”

Naturally, Sorensen’s confirmation couldn’t stand up to such questions and contention. And so Carter removed his name as a nominee.

Just under 50 years later, and here we are with Biden in Sorensen’s shoes. And, naturally, Biden doesn’t seem to see the problem.

As Sorensen said of Biden after being thrown under the bus, the now-president should win the “prize for political hypocrisy in a town noted for political hypocrisy.”

It is noted that both Sorensen and Trump’s possession of documents, Biden was “shocked” at how such a thing could happen. He was astounded at the “irresponsibility” and possibility of what could have been leaked or what dangers could result from the occasions.

And to be sure, having such isn’t exactly legal or a good thing.

But what should also be noted is that Biden basically threw the book at both Sorensen, who was supposedly a friend, and Trump. And then, low and behold, he did the same thing. And it’s not like Biden just did it once or had a measly amount.

According to recent reports, no less than three batches of such documents have been found in Biden’s possession, one at his private home in Delaware, one in that home’s garage, and one at his Washington DC office building. And some of those documents date back to when he was the vice president.

Talk about irresponsible and hypocritical!