Think Your Grocery Bill Is High Now? Just Wait for Spring

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Walk through any grocery store in America, and you’re likely to hear someone commenting about how things were cheaper. According to a poll by Rasmussen Reports 85% of American adults are paying more for groceries than a year ago. Surprisingly, 9% said they were paying less, and 6% were unsure. This is a slight improvement over August, where 89% were reporting paying more.

When looking toward the future, 54% believe that prices would continue to climb in the future, 37% said they would go down, and 6% were unsure. What was interesting about this poll is the percentage of people who would or have been changing their eating habits based on pricing.

  • 73 percent of those who make under $30,000
  • 64 percent of those who make between $30,000 and 50,000
  • 59 percent of those who make between $50,000 and $100,000
  • 47 percent of those who make between $100,000 and $200,000
  • 23 percent of those who make over $200,000

As many politicians and activists have pointed out, with more disposable income comes more flexibility with pricing surges. Given how many Americans saw their jobs and living situations change due to COVID, it’s not surprising that they have been able to endure the changes that have plagued middle- and low-income America especially hard.

Fortunately, the grain crisis coming from the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has yet to ever materialize as strongly as forecasters were proclaiming it could. While grains aren’t being given away on the street corner, grocers aren’t requiring proof of income to get financed for a loaf of bread either.

Many Americans found themselves going back to the 1980s staple of couponing. The adventure of “How Low Can You Go” with the grocery bill is something many Americans love to play. Yet not many have taken the time to invest in the stacking of coupons or discount codes with different grocers to take full advantage of their programs. This means thousands of dollars a year by households across America are going to waste.

While wasting money, many Americans see it as time saved to be better spent with their families.

They better get used to making this a family activity if they want to continue keeping their food costs reasonable in the future. With prices forecasted to skyrocket on everything from beef to grains to gas, the upcoming spring season will be an expensive one. With farmers losing some of the seasons with an unusual first frost, and one of the most dramatic and volatile winters on record, the agricultural forecast for much of the US is not looking so strong.

Overseas proteins like tuna and beef things are not looking incredibly strong either. Between disease and bad fishing seasons, there is a lot to be desired in both industries. People have also been choosing to spend their income on other things like utilities and gas, so discretionary income for things like tuna and beef is gone quickly. The impact on these markets spreads like a ripple. It does the same thing when name-brand product sales are down in favor of store brands.

This is all a snowball effect of President Biden and his leftist policies. As he and his group of socialist agenda-toting democrats push to destroy this nation from the inside out, the rest of us are standing there holding the pieces. There isn’t much we can do as our elected officials are not able to completely counter their ideals, but we have certainly slowed them down. With The Squad on their crusade for their latest pet cause, they are looking to destroy everything they can in our economy. Enough is enough.