Here Comes Lindsey Graham with Another DACA Amnesty Plan – It’s Different This Time!

Rena Schild /
Rena Schild /

One of the most consistently bipartisan issues in American life for the past 25 years is opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens. More than 70% of American adults agree that we have too many immigrants – both legal and illegal – in the country. They agree it’s time to take a pause on the whole immigration spigot so we can assess where we are, assimilate some of the millions we’ve allowed in, and maybe even preserve some entry-level jobs for our own children. The politicians think otherwise. In fact, here comes Lindsey “Lady-killer” Graham with yet another tired DACA amnesty proposal.

The DACA program was Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection stunt. Known as the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program, this was the first time that an American president rewrote American immigration law unilaterally, without an Act of Congress being passed. Obama declared through an executive order that so long as an illegal alien was brought into the country aged 16 or younger by their parents, “through no fault of their own,” they got to stay and get a work permit from the INS.

All you had to do to become a DACA recipient and get a work permit was show up at an INS office and tell them your parents brought you here. The federal government wouldn’t vet your claims. It was an “honor system” offer to people whose very first act on US soil was to break our laws.

Naturally, 2 million illegal aliens from 193 different countries showed up, all claiming that their parents had brought them to America when they were just wee children, and they had never known any other country as their home. No vetting required. Those poor kids from South Korea and Poland! This wasn’t their fault!

It was exactly like the Farm Worker Amnesty act from 1986, which Ronald Reagan described as the biggest mistake of his presidency. Almost every “farm worker” was a total fraud. The “farm workers” told their INS interviewers that cotton was purple, and they described pulling cherries from the ground in painstaking detail in their descriptions of “farm work.” One of the “farm workers” who was granted amnesty in the 1980s was the Saudi Arabian “Blind Sheik” who would go on to bomb the World Trade Center when Bill Clinton was in office.

Once Congress realized that Obama had altered black-letter immigration law that had been on the books since 1965, they attempted to at least implement a cursory vetting process in 2014, which Obama agreed to. According to reports from Breitbart News back then, 9 out of 10 illegal aliens who signed up as Childhood Arrival illegal aliens were complete and total frauds. They weren’t brought here as children. They were Russians who had jumped off of fishing boats in Alaska and wealthy Somalians who fled the collapse of their government in 1993 like Ilhan Omar’s family.

90% of them applied for DACA status fraudulently. Those 2 million illegal aliens are still DACA recipients to this day. Their sob story about being brought here as children, and not being able to speak any language other than English, is completely fake. They are foreign nationals who broke our laws, and who took Obama up on his wink-wink offer by pretending they were brought here as kids. Even Donald Trump fell for this absurd story in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

And now, here comes Lindsey “Save Some Chicks for the Rest of Us, Bro” Graham, Republican Senator of South Carolina, with a DACA amnesty plan. He’s blown the dust off the same plan that he was pushing when Donald Trump was in the White House. And it’s the same tired, lying amnesty plan that Republicans in Congress have been pushing every year since Reagan’s biggest mistake.

If we just give amnesty to “these amazing kids,” – 1,800,000 of whom are total frauds – amnesty, we’ll get some border enforcement at some vague point in the future. No thanks, Lady-killer. We’ve heard this song and dance before.