Californians Looking to Leave the Liberal State Learn They’re Not Welcome in Utah

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Californians are fleeing the state for countless reasons. High home prices, high taxes, ridiculous liberal agendas, and so much more.

There’s just one problem. Wherever they go, they don’t change their attitude. And they certainly don’t change how they vote.

It’s why you can go to Texas and see bumper stickers that read “Don’t California my Texas.”

The reason that California is in the mess that they’re in is because of consistently voting Democratic. If the Californians leave the state and continue to vote Democrat, they’ll turn other states into another California, and no one wants to see that.

Texas isn’t the only one telling Californians not to bother.

Utah has decided to get quite vocal about the issue recently.

Governor Spencer Cox recently shared, “If you’re from California and thinking of moving to Utah, think again. You may not be welcomed in the Beehive State.”
Talk about being real. He went on to explain that Californians should stay in their own state because Utah has its own problems, including water shortages and housing. Of course, he was too polite to say that many of those problems are likely because of Californians who have already chosen to flee.

It’s clear that Utah is dealing with those who want to leave the Golden State. The US Census grew by 2.7 million from 2010 to 2020. An 18.3% increase is significant, so it’s no wonder why Cox is telling his neighbors to the west not to make the move.

Utah is getting quite a bit of traffic just like Texas and Florida – and it’s not just because of the Republican politics. Utah was also named as one of the best states to start a business – and Texas and Florida are number two and three.

Will Californians ever learn?