Cruz Wants a Thorough Investigation Into Biden’s Corrupt FAA Nominee

lev radin /
lev radin /

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has had enough of President Biden trying to sneak more turds into the punchbowl. After the first investigation into Phil Washington to lead the Federal Aviation Administration failed last summer, the Senator is trying to get a thorough investigation going before the Senate considers his nomination on March 1st.

“Last week, we discovered he failed to disclose to the committee that he’s been named in a new lawsuit alleging discriminatory and retaliatory practices at Denver’s airport. He also failed to provide to the Committee more than 18 hours of speeches and remarks as well as details concerning additional lawsuits involving him, all of which staff now must review.”

This statement from Cruz sheds light on the horrific setting Washington created in 2021 as the Denver Airport CEO. It also shows that he learned nothing while he was the CEO of LA Metro. It was an investigation into his time there that led to the stalling of his nomination last summer.

As reported by RedState and other outlets back in November 2020 when Washington was first recommended by Biden, Washington has previously had two separate Federal Investigations going on him for his actions at LA Metro at that time.

In one investigation, they learned that Washington had authorized the issuance of counterfeit N95 masks to the transit workers in the early days of the pandemic. This kind of deception, distrust, and level of danger being brought to his workers is unfathomable. With the higher risk these workers were at, one death was directly attributed to his decision here.

The other investigation centered around his gift of a no-bid contract for a sexual harassment hotline. Awarded to a friend of at the time LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, where the country ended up paying out over $8,000 per call to the hotline. This gross overcharge was only uncovered through the investigation into Washington.

Since the separate investigation into Kuehl was launched search warrants have been executed on her, her friend, the nonprofit Peace Over Violence, LA Metro offices, and Supervisor Kuehl’s office. In response to this action, Washington has been noted for his retaliatory actions against whistleblower Jennifer Leow.

Leow initially reported her findings through complaints with her bosses over the Peace Over Violence contract when she discovered the low volume of calls they received that resulted in the organization being paid $8,000 per call. In total, the charity received under $500,000 per contract. This allowed Metro executives to approve them without needing board approval.

As opposed to being rewarded and hailed for her concerns over the money being wasted on these expenditures, she was instead retaliated against. These actions included the loss of a promotion she had earned, and having her office moved from the executive levels of the building down to P1, the level with the bathrooms and parking garage.

The warrant for the investigation also names Washington by name for his compliance.

As an investigation from Politico explains “Among other things, the warrant alleges…that Washington was directly involved in a 2017 sole-source contract award granted to the nonprofit Peace Over Violence, a deal one witness says he pushed to remain in Kuehl’s “good graces.” It also alleges that Washington had the contract paid from a fund normally used for office supplies, which would lessen scrutiny of the expenditure.”

Kuehl turns the blame for the investigation towards a “disgruntled former employee” who she claims is “obsessed” with this issue. With the investigation being led by California Attorney General Rob Bonta, there is little hope the investigation will yield any tangible results. As a member of the corrupted Californian Democrats, there is little hope this will go anywhere.

Thankfully, the investigation in Denver and further retaliation allegations should encourage the Senate to thoroughly investigate this man and his backdoor deals. God knows we don’t need another leader of the corruption in Washington. Especially when it comes to keeping our skies safe. We already have enough with other countries sneaking around there.