Doocy’s Speechless, KJP Calls Biden “Brave” – Watch!

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Fox News’ Peter Doocy was in the ring with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday. The two once again duked it out and Jean-Pierre was on the wrong end of the bout.

She was left on the defensive over Joe Biden’s record of softness in regard to China and she stunned the room when she tried to paint Biden as “brave.”

Doocy hit a number of points, including the lack of response over the Chinese communists flying a spy balloon across the continental United States, and the recent news about the origins of COVID-19.

Doocy asked the press secretary why President Biden was afraid of China.

KJP answered, “He is not afraid of China?”

Before Doocy could get his follow-up out, she jumped back in saying, “Did you–did you see [him] last week when we went to…Ukraine, went to Kyiv? This is not a President who’s afraid of anything…Many of you said [it] was brave.”

The most surprising thing is that there was not a journalist in the room that took issue with that statement.

The Biden administration notified the Russians before he went to Ukraine, so there was literally no danger. Secondly, the seemingly staged air raid sirens during the president’s Ukrainian stroll illicit zero response from the secret service. And finally, there have been a bunch of politicians and celebrities who have already visited Kyiv without any signs of danger.

Look, he can wear aviator sunglasses, but he is never going to be a Top Gun. No matter how KJP tries to spin it, he was weak with the pandemic and he has been weak with China. He should be standing up to Xi Jinping. That’s what a “brave” president would be doing right now.
And KJP must know that.

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It just becomes more humorous…

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Biden really doesn’t stand a chance of being cool or “brave.” At least Doocy is always ready to call it as he sees it.