Biden Admin is Caught Releasing Chinese Illegals Into the US…

Sean K /
Sean K /

By now, you’ve heard all too much about our nation’s immigration problems at the southern border. Hordes of illegals are crossing the border daily, filling up border facilities, using already strained resources, and making their way toward communities near you.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, we now have proof that Biden’s border patrol agents are actually releasing these individuals into the US. But wait; it gets worse. Not all of these illegals hail from Mexico or Central America.

Instead, as Fox News just proved, quite a few are Chinese nationalists.

Yep, that’s right. Biden’s Border Patrol is actively releasing known Chinese illegal immigrants into our country as if it’s standard practice.

It was all caught on camera on Monday when Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins was filming for a story on the situation at the southern border. What he picked up was a bit more illuminating than he would have imagined.

According to Jenkins’s video, Border Patrol agents rounded up a group of about five illegally crossing Chinese immigrants in the Rio Grande Valley on Monday. Jenkins noted that since last year, the number of Chinese immigrants has increased by more than 900%.

And if that isn’t scary enough, a video caught by Jenkins the very next day showed those illegals then being released into the US interior.

This video was filmed near Brownsville, Texas. A border agent van pulled up and promptly dropped off what seemed to be the same group of five Chinese nationalists, leaving them free to go and do as they pleased within US borders.

Now, of course, they were all given notices to appear (NTAs) in immigration court. But we all know how those go. They are just a piece of paper with some date way too far off in the future. And if history tells us anything, it’s that far too few of those notices to appear are ever acted on.

Instead, those illegals just disappear into the American population, never to be seen or heard from again.

As Jenkins noted, CBP sources told him these individuals were being released with just this piece of paper because “there are so many crossing and no more space to house them.”

Again, this is disturbing on two fronts. One is clearly because illegals are being allowed to roam free in our neighborhoods and communities without any sort of real checks being made. No wonder the border is such a mess, and people from everywhere are flocking to the US.

But two, it’s clearly not just people from countries who don’t have so much beef with America. Sure, mass numbers of illegals coming from anywhere are problematic. But those coming from nations who pose a significant threat to our country, our government, and our way of life are much more so.

If you didn’t already know, China and the US haven’t exactly gotten along in decades. In fact, they are pretty much known to be our No. 1 foreign adversary. And right now, tensions between the two countries are astronomically high as China continues to pressure and act aggressively toward our ally and their neighbor Taiwan.

Many worldwide, let alone within our two governments, fear that war is approaching.

Naturally, this has caused more than a few to wonder and worry that some of these so-called illegal immigrants are actually spies for the Chinese. It wouldn’t be all that of a stretch to imagine it, right?

I mean, if the Chinese know that our borders are pretty much as porous as Swiss cheese, what would prevent them from taking advantage of that and infiltrating our communities and such with informants?

As Senator JD Vance noted about the situation, it would be all too easy indeed.

And yet, as he says, Biden and his administration don’t seem to care about what could be one of our greatest national security threats ever.