Turns Out It’s the Trans Youth Who Are the Most Likely To Be Pushed Into “Violent Radicalization”

Rachael Warriner / shutterstock.com
Rachael Warriner / shutterstock.com

As the Nashville school shooting (carried out by a woman claiming to be a man) underlined for us, it’s no longer the narrative of the straight white man that is the biggest threat to society, and it never was in the first place.

No. Instead, what the four most recent mass shootings have underlined is that it’s the transgender kids who are the most at risk for “violent radicalization,” and a study from 2022 underlines that.

Titled “Meaning in Life, Future Orientation and Support for Violent Radicalization Among Canadian College Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic” the researchers set out to see who would be the most prone to be radicalized. Given the amount of time spent on lockdown during COVID, many people were certainly at an increased risk of it just by nature of being exposed to limited ideals. As the abstract even explained COVID was “compromising young people’s capacity to envision a positive future and maintain a meaningful sense of purpose in life.”

Simply explained by the study, violent radicalization is “a complex and multidimensional phenomenon defined as a process whereby an individual or a group increases support for violence as a legitimate means to reach a specific (e.g., political, social, and religious) goal.” In these cases, “population-wide attitudes toward legitimizing some forms of violence may increase social polarization and fuel the emergence of extremist groups, thus providing a narrative to channel despair and rage in vulnerable individuals.”

To conduct this research, they assembled 2,100 participants between 16 and 25, and covered 18 different colleges across Quebec, Canada. For sample sizes, the transgender or “gender-diverse” group made up 2.5% of the study with 79 participants.

Looking at the results, the study stated “Transgender and gender-diverse youth emerge as the group at the highest risk of support for VR. This is in line with the results of a recent survey conducted during the pandemic that highlighted high levels of support for VR as well as psychological distress among gender minorities.”

A 2011 study in Sweden previously tested a similar theory and found that “female-to-males had higher crime rates than female controls … [and] did not differ from male controls. This indicates … that sex reassignment is coupled to increased crime rate in female-to-males. The same was true regarding violent crime.”

The Nashville shooter was living proof of this study until she was taken out by the Nashville PD. Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake has yet to release the plans but claims the shooter had documented everything, and they have a manifest and a map from the shooter. Early leaked reports claim that she chose the school specifically because it would not be armed, and people have alleged that she was formerly a student there.

What makes the radicalization of trans youth more dangerous is the makeup of many of their families. Many trans youths are being raised in single-mother homes, with fathers that they have either pushed away or were never there. Instead, they are consistently under the poison of being loved too much by mommy and being poisoned with her liberal logic.

For these tortured youths, they are confused about everything in their lives. They cannot see what is wrong and instead wish to live in a world of make-believe. While that is perfectly fine, their expectation that everyone else will play along with their fantasy that is the problem. When that happens, they cannot take it. The coddling and always getting their way from mommy shines right through, and they cannot accept the truth- not everyone has to accept you the way you see yourself.

Now as a society, we are at a crossroads. Are we going to play their game in the hopes that they get the mental health care they need, and let them continue to perverse gun culture so the liberals can reach their ultimate goal of disarming the population rifle by rifle? Or are we going to stand up for what’s right and keep them away from firearms since they have proven they cannot handle them?