In an Effort To Save Money, Iowa Pulls the Plug on Paying for Rape After-Care

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Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird has been making waves in her state since she won her election over Democrat Tom Miller back in November 2022. With Miller looking to keep his post for an 11th consecutive election, Bird was able to rally the Republicans out to bring the state back to its former glory and relationship with what’s right.

Federal regulations as well as state law require sexual assault victims to have their expenses covered if they seek medical help. This includes forensic exams and the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. However, Miller added to those provisions. Under his tutelage, the Democrat ensured his liberal decision to cover Plan B and other post-conception treatments as well as abortions. Now, Bird has put a stop to those.

Bird’s Press Secretary Alyssa Brouillet issued a statement about the decision. “As a part of her top-down, bottom-up audit of victim assistance, Attorney General Bird is carefully evaluating whether this is an appropriate use of public funds. Until that review is complete, payment of these pending claims will be delayed.”

This choice caught many clinics across the state stunned and unable to react due to a lack of notice. As it stands, many of the organizations in the state are deeply concerned about the idea of being able to continue providing Plan B and other pills. A recent ruling in Texas and a nearly polar opposite ruling at nearly the same time in Washington has put the legal status of so-called “morning after” pills in question.

Much like the unbaptized babies they aborted, their beloved pills are currently hanging in limbo as they await another potential date in the Supreme Court. With the anniversary of their intelligent overturning of Roe v Wade coming up, many wonder if they will be forced to revisit the groundbreaking ruling. With President Biden already vowing to fight the ruling in Texas, he is following the leftist playbook to a T.

Iowa has been handling its payments for these treatments uniquely. The money has been coming from a victim’s compensation fund that is paid for by fines and penalties that are assessed to convicted criminals. This keeps with the state law that says “the cost of a medical examination of a victim for the purpose of gathering evidence and the cost of treatment of a victim for the purpose of preventing venereal disease.”

Stopping just short of mentioning conception or pregnancy risks makes sense, but deeply angers the left and their immoral sense of living. Sandi Tibbetts Murphy was the director of these projects under Miller. She has told the press that while she served, the policy was to cover emergency contraceptives via the fund. For rape victims, the state would also cover the costs of an abortion.

“My concern is for the victims of sexual assault, who, with no real notice, are now finding themselves either unable to access needed treatment and services, or are now being forced to pay out of their own pocket for those services, when this was done at no fault of their own,” she explained.

This level of immorality has doomed Iowa to a disastrous level. They already have a significant problem with drugs, and this kind of medical care is not cheap. The money from these costs could be better spent. Especially given the problems that have been plaguing the state due to the weather, economy, farming outlook, and inflation. A savior to use these funds more smartly would be a huge help for the state.

Iowa has been paving its way trying to become the liberal haven for Californians and others who wanted something different during the pandemic. Much like Boise, people flocked to the rural parts of the state to spread their liberal message, and the people of Iowa responded by flooding the polls in a red wave. Now, by taking away the abortion help, Republicans are priming to take it over again.