Half of the Illegals Heading to New York Are Not Vaxxed for Polio

Jarun Ontakrai / shutterstock.com
Jarun Ontakrai / shutterstock.com

Illegal aliens are flooding the lower 48 states right now, and they are carrying nasty and disgusting diseases into the country with them. That’s no exaggeration. The Health Commissioner for New York City just issued a warning to doctors in his state, because poliovirus has turned up in the wastewater for the second time this year. Diseases that a lot of people believed had been mostly eradicated in Western civilization are back and posing a serious health risk to Americans and indeed, to the rest of the world. Thanks a lot, Joe Biden!

Last summer, New York reported its first case of polio since 2013, when Barack Obama was in office. If only there were some sort of common denominator between the Obama administration and the Biden administration, perhaps someone could unravel this medical mystery! Oh, wait—awkward!

Polio also turned up in the wastewater in multiple counties across New York last summer. Governor Kathy Hochul (D) declared a state of emergency because the wastewater in Rockland, Orange, Sullivan, and Nassau counties all tested positive for the poliovirus. If you don’t realize how weird that sounds, you should attend a local Rotary Club meeting sometime. All they talk about is the fact that polio has been eradicated in a bunch of countries because of Rotary’s work in distributing lifesaving polio vaccines around the world.

Polio in the wastewater then went away for a few months. Then it showed up again in October in Rockland County’s wastewater, and then the positive tests went away again a few weeks ago. Dr. Ashwin Vasan, the New York City Health Commissioner, announced that poliovirus is back once again. The most recent example that showed up was from testing samples that were collected in February, so polio appears to be with us on a cyclical and quarterly basis now.

Gosh, where could all this polio be coming from? Fortunately, Dr. Vasan has already solved the mystery. Joe Biden’s illegal aliens are carrying the poliovirus into the country. Vasan also notes that the Jewish Passover holiday was the week of April 5th, and there are a lot of Jewish residents who live in Rockland County. Many of them travel to Israel for Passover, so Vasan says there’s a very real possibility that someone could have been infected with polio here and carried it overseas already.

Sorry about that, Israel! No one gets to have nice things anywhere in the world until we get Joe Biden out of office again. That’s just the way it is.

Dr. Vasan revealed that 50% of the illegal aliens streaming into New York right now are not vaccinated against contagious poliovirus. He notes that the fully-unvaccinated-for-anything illegal aliens also travel through several countries where infectious tuberculosis is present before coming here. Plus, they’ve already had multiple outbreaks of chickenpox in New York City in the pop-up housing facilities for the illegals that Mayor Eric Adams has set up.

Vasan sent out an eight-page letter to all of the doctors in New York City on April 11th. He warns them to be on the lookout for poliovirus, chickenpox, tuberculosis, and anything else weird that hasn’t been seen in the country since Barack Obama was in office. Vasan’s letter notes that illegals might also be carrying measles, mumps, rubella, Hepatitis B, and varicella.

Meanwhile, Great Britain has their own problem with illegal immigration, because that seems to be a feature of having foreign globalists run your country. They’ve had multiple cases of deadly diphtheria showing up, thanks to their illegal aliens. It’s only a matter of time before that ends up here, too. If only there were some way that countries could protect their own citizens against these awful diseases! You know, something like a big wall! Could that work?