African Official Unleashes on Soros and Bill Gates Over Climate Push

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If you didn’t already know, the political left and climate change “experts” have been pushing ideas for major social and technological changes for a while now. Supposedly it’s all an effort to fix or, at the very least, diminish the effects of humanity on our planet and its atmosphere.

Unfortunately, far too many of those ideas have been experimented with in nations that are not interested in being a laboratory for the rest of the world.

Take Nigeria, for instance.

As director of the Center for Climate Change and Development at Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Chukwumerije Okereke says he is tired of his nation and his people being used as an experimental site for those like George Soros and Bill Gates.

As I’m sure you have heard, Soros and Gates are among some of the biggest climate change supporters in the world. As such, they have invested millions and supported some rather massive technological advances to combat such climate change.

According to Forbes, in recent years, part of that has been to push the idea that particles should be released into the atmosphere that could block sunlight from reaching the Earth’s surface. The basic idea is a solar geoengineering one designed to reflect more sunlight back into space rather than letting it reach Earth itself and potentially warm up our atmosphere, “changing” our climate.

But rather than testing it here in the US, most testing and experimentation have occurred in nations like Nigeria.

And Okereke is not happy about it.

For starters, the scientist admits that while the plan could work, it is “extremely risky.” And he’s not exactly willing to make his nation the testing site for such risk.

As he wrote for The New York Times in an Op-Ed titled “My Continent Is Not Your Giant Climate Laboratory,” “As a climate expert, I consider these environmental manipulation techniques extremely risky. And as an African climate expert, I strongly object to the idea that Africa should be turned into a testing ground for their use.”

He explained that ideas and initiatives such as solar radiation modification or SRM are wholly untested and, as such, “highly speculative.” The main reason is that it can’t really be used in just one area or earthly region to see how it would affect the whole planet. We have no real idea what it would do to ecosystems, people, or even the atmosphere unless we were to test it on the entire world.

Naturally, to do so is extremely problematic. To do so could mean putting the entire world, its populations, and life as we know it at risk.

SRM, as well as other “proposed techniques” such as genetically engineering plants to have more reflective leaves, making clouds whiter, covering deserts with plastic, or putting millions of mirrors in space, might sound good on paper. But seeing as how they are all vastly untested, no one has any real idea how it will affect local weather patterns, which could, in turn, affect whole regional climates and billions of lives.

What if it caused intense draughts or flooding? Could it change the monsoon cycle that is so critical to the African and Asian continents? If so, as Okereke says, “Millions, perhaps billions, of people’s livelihoods could be undermined.” Or worse.

Additionally, Okereke has a problem with richer and vastly “whiter” nations again coming into his own and demanding and making changes. It’s hard for him to see this as anything but an echo of “some of the worst aspects of colonialism.”

And I have to agree with him. I mean, what if testing these projects messes up their climate, causes crops to not grow, or disrupts livestock? It’s the people of Africa who will pay the ultimate price, not Bill Gates, who’s safely tucked away in his American home.

Okereke encourages others in the science industry, as well as political leaders in Africa, to “resist” letting those like Soros and Gates come into their lands and communities to conduct their experiments.
For the sake of Africa, let’s hope they listen and put Soros and Gates in their place.