The Woke Agenda Even Has Australians Senators Believing You Can’t Be Racist Against White People

Valery Evlakhov /
Valery Evlakhov /

Former Greens and current Independent Senator Lidia Thorpe has been under fire since footage of her drunken escapades outside Maxine’s Gentleman’s Club in Brunswick, Victoria. In her drunken ramblings, she accused white men of stealing her land and trying to make “small” jokes about their packages.

From her accounts, she was there with a girlfriend to celebrate her 50th birthday and was having a great time until she stepped outside. To hear her describe it, she claimed he had a small package because he dared to have it out with a Senator in public. In her mind, only men with a small package would dare do that.

When asked about her casting racially charged and discriminatory statements towards someone else, she claimed, “We cannot be racist to white people. White people don’t fall into that category…I responded to an aggressive white male who was being very disrespectful of me.” She also refuted claims that her family is trying to seize control over Victoria as they spread further across the state.

Security footage of the incident that has been leaked sparked up an intense debate not just about her ideas that you cannot discriminate against white people but also that she circled around the group of men before calling them out and screaming about their junk for all to hear. With other iPhone footage emerging, Thorpe is even seen walking up on a man who has his back to the wall and attempting to provoke a confrontation. As a result of her actions, she has been banned from the club.

Instead of acting like the adult most people would expect a Senator to behave like, Thorpe instead started casting rocks at her fellow Members of Parliament, as she alleged other female MPs. A move to deflect concerns over her health and drunkenness is not the least bit surprising. She didn’t hold back when asked to tackle the allegations head-on while appearing on Melbourne radio on April 27th.

“I laughed at that. If Albo wants to know about my health, then I’ve been diagnosed with an allergy to racists. I think about in the parliament each day, where I’ve had Senators cry to me because of their guilt of what white people did to black people. I wonder about those people’s mental health.”

This discussion with 3AW host Neil Mitchell with a focus on Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s concern over her actions only made her look worse. This is a lady who claims to be a part of the Aboriginal people of Australia and has done little but makes herself look foolish as of late. For a fellow elected official to show concern about her doesn’t mean they aren’t concerned about other people or trying to make Australia a better place, but she can’t see that.

Thorpe has backed herself into the liberal corner. She is showing poor decision-making while imbibing copious amounts of alcohol, playing racially motivated cards, and trying to attack men by intimidation and about their genitalia size. She is showing all the hallmarks of being a serial aggressor and the potential for violence in the future. While Australian authorities cannot do anything as she has broken no rules, the people of Victoria need to wake up and get her out of office.

A person like Thorpe can completely torpedo a company and decimate a political party through their ignorant, shortsighted, and selfish actions. As an Independent Senator, she has more freedom than most to do as she pleases with little regulatory body to reel her back in. Yet this isn’t the Australia people talk about in tales from down under. Her actions are the American liberal idea of perfection and perversion, and when you see it brought to light, it’s nothing bus sickening.

The people of Australia, and especially Victoria, should be embarrassed. She’s proving to be little more than a smear on the good name of the Australian people, and from everything else the island nation has endured, she presents a real threat to their continued respect on the global stage.