Juarez Tent City Houses 35k Illegals Awaiting the May 11th Border Rush

David Peinado Romero / shutterstock.com
David Peinado Romero / shutterstock.com

Following President Trump’s activation of Title 42 to keep illegal aliens on the Mexican side of the border, many people decried him as being racist. Never mind the fact that our borders are supposed to be kept secure. The move also ensured that people waiting to come into the country without the proper papers and permission would not be allowed into the US, even when decrying for asylum.

As it stands now, when this ends, the catch and release program that they have already enacted regarding people who are already crossing over the border illegally and being caught. These people are stuck in immigration detention facilities, but due to overcrowding, many are being released and then transferred across the country to sanctuary cities. Both with and without the permission and knowledge of leadership in their new homes.

Choosing to face this mission in a very unusual and quite possibly illegal way, President Biden will not only be allowing the start of the catch-and-release pipelines to streamline getting the illegals embedded into the US system, but he will also be dispersing agents to countries in Central America to set up “processing centers.” These will have just one mission; to bring the “asylum” seeking illegals directly to the US.

Those who haven’t been willing to wait for these processing stations are getting stocked up along the border to ensure their place in line. Per Julian Resendiz at Border Report, they have set up massive and impressive campsites to wait.

“On Tuesday, Juarez officials estimated the number of tents next to the National Migration Institute (INM) building and City Hall had grown from a handful last week to 93 by mid-afternoon…Migrants like Janeicy, a Venezuelan mom, said their intent was to wait for the announced May 11 rollback of Title 42 expulsions at the U.S. border. But she said life is so hard on the streets of Juarez she does not know if she can hold out two more weeks.”

Stories like these are not uncommon along the border. From Tijuana crossing into San Diego, CA, down to Nuevo Laredo crossing into Laredo, TX, these border communities have been dealing with the massive flow of illegal immigration for decades. With President Biden trying to turn their hometowns into revolving doors, they have little to hope for.

Across from Juarez is El Paso, TX. There, the city is expecting to receive a minimum of 8,000 illegals per day. A staggering number they simply are not equipped for. According to one El Paso official, “Yesterday we got some intel that there’s almost 30,000 migrants already waiting. The majority are from Venezuela who are the ones most affected by Title 42.”

Earlier reports from Breitbart have estimated the Biden administration will be rolling out the red carpet for 400,000 illegals to cross the border every month following the end of Title 42. To put that in perspective, that’s more than the population of New Orleans, LA arriving monthly. Then there are the thousands of illegals who want to avoid the system, who evade the capture of the underfunded and understaffed Customs and Border Patrol.

When Biden announced that he would end Title 42, his administration estimated the population of Atlanta, GA, or 500,000 illegals would be processed across the border every month. This kind of estimation should have left the American people appalled given our current population and our difficulties taking care of our own. Yet, people are not willing to stand up and tell his administration that enough is enough.

The American people have a choice to make about what to do with the mass influx of illegals rushing our borders. We can either stand by idly and watch it happen or start calling our elected representatives. Otherwise, it might just be time to march on DC once again. God knows Biden didn’t get the idea the first time around.