8-Year-Old Child Dies in One of Joe Biden’s Cages for Kids

Pair Srinrat / shutterstock.com
Pair Srinrat / shutterstock.com

A second illegal alien child has died in the custody of the Joe Biden regime in as many weeks. Don’t expect AOC to go stand in front of a fence and cry about Creepy Joe’s “kids in cages,” though. It’s different when Joe Biden has kids in cages, and besides, you’ve got to break a few eggs when you’re making an omelet, right?

The latest illegal alien child to die in Joe Biden’s cages for kids was an 8-year-old girl. The country of origin that her illegal alien parents dragged her here from is unknown. She started having some kind of “medical emergency” in the Joe Biden cage and was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. There’s no word on whether the Biden regime had given her a COVID vaccine right before her death.

Last week, a 17-year-old boy died in his sleep in one of Joe Biden’s cages for kids. He was from Honduras. The boy had spoken to his mother on the phone and told her everything was fine a few days ago, but then died in the custody of the brutal and heartless Biden regime.

Out of all the Democrats in Congress, only one or two who live in border districts in Texas have spoken out against Biden’s open border policy. The rest, who mainly don’t have to live with the consequences, could care less about Biden’s crimes against humanity or the way that he is enriching the drug cartels.

In the latest polling this week, 60% of Democrat voters now oppose Joe Biden’s mass immigration policies. Joe Biden has clearly lost the support of his own base, and never had the support of Republicans or Independents. Yet the political class continues to let Joe Biden skate by as illegal alien kids die in his cages.