Whoopi Admits Why She Could Never Hold Office

Ron Adar / shutterstock.com
Ron Adar / shutterstock.com

Wondering how much longer Whoopi Goldberg will remain relative and employed? If she keeps going at this rate, it won’t be long now.

If you hadn’t noticed, her gaffes, jokes, and even her actions have been more and more inappropriate of late. Part of this is likely due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike that has left shows like Goldberg’s ABC show, “The View,” without writers to come up with good talking points and polished lines for her and her co-hosts.

However, there’s plenty of room to argue that even if she had all the right words to say, she’d still be making a fool of herself on air, particularly regarding her political views.

A recent example of this came on Tuesday when the panel decided to discuss Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman’s attire at a recent press conference. If you haven’t seen or heard of it, Fetterman came to work to speak before the American people in the Capitol building in sneakers, shorts, and a white Carhartt sweatshirt.

Naturally, his attire has been the topic of much discussion.

For most of us, we agree that his extra casual clothing seems to show a lack of respect, both for the American people, but also for the job he’s supposed to be doing.

Whoopi doesn’t agree, though.

Instead, she claims the situation would be much the same if she were ever elected to public office. Now, to be clear, no one besides Gavin Newsom thinks Goldberg has a place in politics, so the chances of her ever proving this is slim to none.

But it still proves a point.

According to Whoopi, “That’s how he does it, and he does it not to be disrespectful. That’s why he doesn’t go on the Senate Floor. He does it from where he’s comfortable because this is who he is.”

I’m sorry, but isn’t that the definition of disrespectful, doing something because you want to or feel comfortable doing it rather than caring about anyone else?