July 7th’s “Global Forgiveness Day” Could Be the Cornerstone to Peace

StepanPopov / shutterstock.com
StepanPopov / shutterstock.com

Sometimes termed as “International” or “World,” but no matter how you quantify it, “Global Forgiveness Day” is all about dropping the old stuff. Getting rid of the baggage from what happened in the past is the only way for human beings to move forward.

While these liberal leftists have been doing everything they can to shove their agenda down our throats and ruin the American way of life, we need to be the bigger person. Letting their past transgressions go so we can work on getting it right as we go forward is the key to peace. Despite it being incredibly difficult to do, if Jesus can do it, so can we.

Started in 1994 by the Christian Embassy of Christ’s Ambassadors (CECA), in Canada, the word of their message quickly spread across the globe. While the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance has its own date in August, the original day from CECA is globally recognized and known as the innovator.

To make this a successful day we need to take on different ways of spreading the positivity of forgiveness.

One of the first steps is to start small. From old friends to family, forgiving those closest to you can be the hardest thing to do. If you’ve already cut them off, there isn’t a reason you can’t just let the past go.

This doesn’t mean you need to tell them what they did is forgotten or make them feel like they are right for their actions. Just let it go and see if they come back around. Unblocking them on social media or your mobile can be a great start. Bringing the lost back to the flock is one of the most Christ-like acts you can do.

Sometimes the people who wronged you aren’t family or even old friends. They can just be random people you encounter as you journey through life. By listing out people who come to mind when you think of old trauma or those in need of forgiveness, you can help determine who needs to receive forgiveness first and why.

Unfortunately, sometimes giving forgiveness is easier said than done. Never fear, Hollywood is here!!

Even watching films about forgiveness is a great way to celebrate Global Forgiveness Day. “A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood” is a great Tom Hanks film steeped in forgiveness. Based upon the story of Fred Rogers (AKA Mr. Rogers) and his interactions with journalist Lloyd Vogel. After becoming incredibly cynical due to someone hurting him, he has trouble letting go of the past, just like many of us do. Thankfully, thanks to Mr. Rogers and his outlook on life, he can finally let go and it’s a story of forgiveness that needs to be watched.

“Warrior” from 2011 is another film about forgiveness. Packaged as an MMA film, the plot centers around two estranged brothers who grow up very differently after their mom leaves and takes one of the brothers with her. Growing up, he feels abandoned by his alcoholic father and older brother. Forced to focus on his mom and her slow death, he starts going by her last name and joins the Marines. As the film plays out, the duo has some not-so-nice interactions until the film finally reaches its brilliant and satisfying climax.

The best part about watching movies like these is sharing them with the family. While Warrior is rated PG-13, it’s more about the MMA action than anything else. This means the youngsters will pay attention to either film (as appropriate), and the lessons to share with your family are amazing.

By teaching kids about forgiveness when they are young, you make it easier for them to master it as they become adults. Looking around the leftist agenda perpetuating in our country as God is being forced out, we could use more and more forgiveness and compassion in our society. As Jesus did, we must give forgiveness and move on to the next part of life. It will create a ripple in their lives, and help push their own forgiveness out as well.