Fists Fly at SoCal Furry Gathering

Nando Vidal /
Nando Vidal /

Both fists and fur were flying at a furry convention on Huntington Beach in Southern California the other day. The cartoon animal costume-wearing sex perverts were not amused when a man began recording their degeneracy on the beach, so several of the wolves attacked and engaged in a dogpile on the poor, unsuspecting individual.

A furry, for those who don’t know, is a sex pervert who longs to commit the biblical death-penalty crime of bestiality while dressed up as a cartoon animal. (See also: Former Texas senatorial and gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke.)

Huntington Beach in Southern California, where transgender hookers turn tricks out of rented storage lockers on major streets with bus stops, is therefore the perfect locale for a convention of these costumed freaks. Unfortunately for the furries, normally, people go to the beaches as well, just to enjoy themselves rather than to engage in deviant sex while wearing a cartoon animal costume.

On Tuesday, a normal person began recording the furry weirdoes on Huntington Beach with his cell phone. Pretty soon, a deviant dressed as a black wolf became extremely agitated.

“Leave, or we will make you leave,” howled the black wolf into a megaphone. (Furries have opposable thumbs and can hold a megaphone, unlike the real wolves, dogs, cattle, and kangaroos represented in the furry community.)

When the cellphone user, who was clearly amused by the freaks in animal costumes, refused to stop recording them, the black wolf pounced. Soon after that, multiple bestiality freaks in costumes also jumped in and attacked the man.

All of this was initially recorded and posted on @DogInReal’s Twitter/X page, but after the story was covered by the New York Post, the furry fight was deleted from the account. It’s unknown at this point how the kerfuffle erupted, but some are speculating online that the person recording the cellphone video was a jilted former lover of the black wolf.

We can’t believe that we just typed that sentence. Welcome to America in 2023!