Bud Light’s Efforts to Win Back NFL Fans Fails…

Steve Cukrov / shutterstock.com
Steve Cukrov / shutterstock.com

If you’re any type of sports fan, you know that the American football season is upon us. And that means Bud Light thinks they have a shot at winning some of its former, now lost customer base back.

Too bad nothing seems to be working.

With the opening of the official NFL season just days away – the reigning Superbowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, will host the Detroit Lions for the season’s opener on September 7 – Bud Light is desperately trying to recoup some of their losses and make it back into the arena.

And so, on Monday, the disgraced company posted a clip of a diverse crowd of NFL fans drinking their brand and enjoying a game. Naturally, the goal was to not only promote America’s former favorite beer but also free NFL Sunday Ticket packages.

The only problem is that fans didn’t seem to care one whit about the post.

By Tuesday morning, the ad had a measly 12 reposts, 160 likes, and 275 comments. And as you can imagine, most of the latter made a mockery of the brand’s attempt to win anyone back.

Hell, even a post by Charles Goldman of A to Z Sports promoting a limited edition Chiefs Bud Light can didn’t do the trick.

The fact of the matter is Bud Light went woke with its advertising, even if for a millisecond. They traded their hard-earned stripes and respect for an agenda that is sickening to most Americans and is being jammed down our throats by people who have no right to.

So yeah, the road to redemption, if it even exists for Bud Light anymore, will be a long, long, hard one.