RFK Jr. Says Trump Asked Him to Be VP… Will He Take It?

Juli Hansen / shutterstock.com
Juli Hansen / shutterstock.com

With the 2024 primaries well underway, everyone is talking about possible VP picks, particularly for Donald Trump, who is assumed to win the GOP nomination. One such suggestion has been RFK Jr., according to Kennedy himself.

The question is, would he accept such an offer?

In a recent interview with NewsNation, the subject of a Trump VP pick was brought up. It was also noted that several had rumored that a possible alliance between Trump and RFK Jr. might be in the works, a bringing together of two very different sides of the aisle if it were.

Kennedy implied that such a suggestion had indeed been made. In fact, he told NewsNation that “people from the (Trump) team” had “reached out to me” about the idea.

However, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said he had immediately and still would say no.

Apparently, he’s not interested in playing second fiddle to anyone, at least not at the moment. As you likely are well aware, Kennedy is very much involved in his own bid for the White House. First, he was running directly against Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination.

But in October of last year, he changed his mind. Instead, he decided that running as an unaffiliated candidate or “independent” would better suit him.

According to him, he wanted to “rewrite the assumptions and change the habits of American politics,” presumably by being the first to win the presidency as an independent.

Now, it is pretty clear at this point that unless something major happens, there’s no way he’s going to beat either Trump or Biden in a general election. However, he might pull enough votes away from Biden to ensure a Trump win, although that’s likely not his goal.

In any case, Kennedy says he is “flattered that President Trump would offer it to me, but it’s not something I’m interested in.”

Besides, as the Trump campaign has since pointed out, RFK Jr. was never offered the honor, and he never will be.