Feds Now Paying for AI To Detect AI…Just Let That Sink In

Scharfsinn / shutterstock.com
Scharfsinn / shutterstock.com

News of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)’s four newest prize-winning organizations is the blind leading the blind personified. As reported by NPR, they will now be funding organizations to develop tech, aka Artificial Intelligence (AI), to detect the difference between what is AI and what is real. Yes, you read that right. We will have AI to tell us what AI looks like.

This is giving the keys to the asylum to the inmates, and nobody seems to care.

Focusing their tech on recognizing the difference between human speech and those used by AI, they think this can help prevent the spread of misinformation. One of the winners, OriginStory, from Arizona State University researchers, uses human traits like breathing, motion, and heartbeat info to recognize real over AI. Visar Berisha, a professor at ASU’s College of Health Solutions, said, “We have this very unique speech production mechanism. And so by sensing it in parallel with the acoustic signal, you can verify that the speech is coming from a human.”

As we have frequently seen and Japan has been trying to warn us, AI is capable of growing and adapting on its own. Funding technology like this only allows AI to recognize itself, adapt, change, and become more realistic. This is not going to have the “warning” effect they are hoping for and will instead backfire like a lot of the other projects Biden’s groups have funded.

DeFake, created by Ning Zhang from Washington University in St. Louis is another of the winners. Predicated on previous tech, this one injects data into recordings that allegedly make it harder for AI to mimic and repeat it. Based on University of Chicago software that did similar with images, they believe it can stop AI from learning.

AI Detect by Omni Speech, is the only one who admits directly they are using AI to catch AI. A strange idea by CEO David Przygoda says their software uses AI to model the differences between real and fake audio. He claims AI has a hard time differentiating emotion or being able to interject it into conversation.

These ideas are it. The ones that lead to the AI bots taking everything over. Get ready, things are about to get very very sketchy.