Biden Aggressively Moves Against Another Home Appliance to Save the Weather

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

The Department of Energy under Joe Biden declared new rules that will ban water heaters in America, starting in 2029. This unelected regime has already banned certain gas stoves, air conditioners, portable generators, refrigerators, freezers, fans, washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers. Your water heater is next—but don’t worry. This will save the weather.

The Biden regime is moving at breakneck speed to impose “net zero” carbon limitations on the American people. No one sees this happening, however, because the regime is sneakily imposing these regulations so that they won’t go into effect until after Biden’s first term in office is over.

Tuesday’s new mandate will require Americans to replace their existing water heaters starting in 2029. Most Americans currently have cheaper $500 to $1,000 water heaters that work just fine. The new ones that they’ll be forced to buy cost $3,000.

By the time Americans convert all of the appliances in their homes to the new standards, it will cost more than $20,000. Seniors on fixed incomes and low-income Americans will be hardest hit. The irony is that many of the water heaters and other appliances that Biden is banning are already certified as “clean energy” machines under current standards.

The new standards are designed to crush you. If Joe Biden gets reelected this year, these standards will all be imposed on Americans beginning in 2025 and staggered over succeeding years. You will have several years of costly home upgrades, retrofitting, and construction projects to look forward to, even if you don’t want them.

Biden has said many times that he wants to get America to “net zero” by 2030. The implication of that, which his handlers have prevented him from saying out loud so far, is that he will ban all gas-powered cars and trucks during his second term—if he gets one.