Muslim Students Beating Up Christian Children in Minnesota Schools

Zurijeta /
Zurijeta /

At some point during the George W. Bush administration in the early 2000s, one of the incompetent hacks running our country decided it would be a good idea to start transplanting entire Islamic villages from Somalia in America’s whitest state—Minnesota. Today, that effort is bearing completely predictable fruit as Christian students are getting beaten up in school by the diversity that our leaders decided to foist upon them. The latest victim was a 9-year-old Christian girl in the town of Savage, MN.

The little girl’s mother says that she was assaulted by a group of Somali students specifically for not being Muslim. The attack happened during a school playground event at Hidden Valley Elementary School. The child received a black eye and had bruises all over her body from being punched and kicked on the ground by a horde of Muslim students.

When the mother complained to the school’s principal, she was shocked to learn that the school had not taken any disciplinary action against the miniature jihadis. She ended up filing a police report, but she’s not confident that the Minnesota justice system, which is noted for being the politest in the country, will do anything about it.

The mother points out that there is an obvious double standard at play here. If the roles were reversed and a group of Christian students had beaten up a Muslim, there would be a national media outcry and the Christian students would be permanently expelled for “racism.”

You know she’s not wrong.

This is the price of the “Diversity is our strength” nonsense that has become America’s new motto. Anyone who has read a history book realizes that diversity is always a precursor to civil war.