RFK Jr. Lists a Fake Address as His Official Voting Address

Your Hand Please / shutterstock.com
Your Hand Please / shutterstock.com

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has listed a home in Katonah, New York, as his official voting residence. There are a couple of problems with the address, however. Neighbors say that they’ve never seen Kennedy at the residence in all the years he has supposedly lived there. Also, the home is now in foreclosure.

When these facts were exposed, the campaign was quick to release a statement claiming that the home is Kennedy’s official residence and that he pays rent to the owner. The campaign also said—without providing direct proof—that Kennedy’s driver’s license and automobile registration both list the residence as his home.

The campaign also insists that RFK’s falconry license lists the home as his official address. Which proves that he’s an elitist dork.

The controversy over whether Kennedy is registered to vote at a fake address is just the latest of a long list of campaign missteps. Kennedy recently espoused one of the most radical leftwing positions imaginable when it comes to abortion. He seemed to be advocating that so long as you can outrun the baby, it’s fair game. The public outcry and horror were so severe that he flip-flopped and changed his stance.

It was also revealed that a worm ate part of his brain. Several months ago, Kennedy’s entire campaign field staff resigned on the same day when he claimed that pro-Palestinian protesters on college campuses don’t have the right to criticize Israel.

Despite all the missteps, Kennedy is still on track to make the ballot in most of the 50 states as an independent. He’s polling at around 10% and most of the votes that he is drawing come from Joe Biden, which has enraged the political left.