Mitt Romney Proves How Out of Touch He Is with America

a katz /
a katz /

Utah Senator and RINO Mitt Romney isn’t running for reelection this year. But that doesn’t mean he’s about to stop trying to maintain his role in the establishment. And in doing so he’s proven just how out of touch he is most Americans, not to mention his party.

As a near has-been, Romney is taking full advantage of appearing on talk shows and news outlets. In particular, he enjoys the more liberal-leaning ones, such as MSNBC.

Recently, he interviewed the outlet’s Stephanie Ruhle, where they talked about a number of political issues, including the increasing sentiment that the US should put itself first.

As a member of liberal-backed media, it wasn’t all that surprising when Ruhle asked a loaded question about how Romney feels about “people in your party who are now expressing views that would have been unthinkable a few years ago when you think about support for Ukraine, even the idea that people somehow have similar views of the likes of Vladimir Putin.”

But what’s even more surprising is that a sitting GOP senator could agree with her.

“Yeah, it’s disorienting. To someone like me, it’s unimaginable that in the party of Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush and George W. Bush and John McCain and others that we would see a growing isolationism within our party.”

He continued, saying that being involved in global affairs or the worries of other nations is crucial to being ‘America First.’ Otherwise, “Germany would have ended up ruling the world. We’re involved in the world out of our own self-interest.”

Now, to some extent, he has a point.

Take during the World Wars, for instance. We got involved because we knew we could make a difference, and a difference that was crucial to maintaining our way of life. There was some definite self-interest.

But those were also different times.

America had a good economy. Our military was strong, we had good leaders, our borders weren’t being overrun, our criminal justice system was working, etc. So, of course, we could afford to spend more time and resources worried about foreign affairs.

The same cannot be said now.

‘America First’ does not mean sending millions to nations like Ukraine while Americans struggle to put food on the table.

Clearly, Romney has no idea about the state of our nation or what we need.