Agents Jump Ship in Record Numbers as Illegals Flood the Border 

Eric Rosenwald /
Eric Rosenwald /

While illegal immigrants are flooding across the border in record numbers, there is a different migration in play at the U.S. Border Control. Agents are bailing out of the agency in record numbers, opting for retirement or alternative careers rather than continuing to work for a “demoralizing” Biden administration. 

Since October 2023, over 4000 agents have jumped ship.  

In recent years, Border Patrol agents have voiced concerns that the Biden administration’s immigration policy has led to a crisis and significantly lowered morale. U.S. Customs and Border Protection data shows more agents leave their jobs than usual. 

From 2014 to 2020, about 257 agents retired each year. But since 2021, that number has more than doubled, with about 529 agents leaving as soon as possible. Between October 2020 and April 2024, around 4,281 federal law enforcement agents left the Border Patrol. This includes those who quit, were made to retire because of their age or years on the job or chose to retire early.  

During a recent hearing on Capitol Hill, Representative Henry Cuellar (D-TX) cautioned that an additional 800 Border Patrol agents are expected to retire by the end of 2024, reducing the agency’s staffing levels even further. 

And the agents place the blame on Biden. 

Matthew Hudak, the recently retired deputy chief of Border Patrol, likened the agency’s current climate to the Bill Murray classic, “Groundhog Day.” He said that his agency continually arrests illegal immigrants only to release them back into the United States instead of detaining or deporting them. Hudak stated that this practice humiliates federal law enforcement agents sworn to protect the country. 

Hudak is not alone in his concerns. Many agents say the job description and duties they initially agreed to twenty years ago no longer reflect their current responsibilities. They are also worried about the current political climate, which makes them afraid to perform their job. 

In September 2021, Border Patrol agents near Del Rio, Texas, faced criticism from President Biden after an incident where he accused agents on horseback of using whips on Haitian men who didn’t obey verbal commands. 

Before any investigation took place, high-ranking Biden officials condemned the agents. Biden described the situation as “outrageous” and pledged consequences for those involved. Mayorkas, the Homeland Security Secretary, initially expressed horror at the images but later admitted he hadn’t seen them before speaking to the media. 

The agents still haven’t received a formal apology from Biden or Mayorkas despite being cleared of wrongdoing, 

An agent based in Arizona confirmed that Border Patrol employees are “afraid of ending up on the news” and “getting in trouble for doing their jobs.” He said that the general attitude of agents now is, “What’s the point?” 

The demoralization of Border Patrol agents under the Biden administration has taken a dark turn. In 2021, CBP became the first civilian agency ever to hire a “suicidologist” in response to the growing number of suicides within the agency.  

The atmosphere at CBP echoes the broader demoralization of law enforcement officers nationwide. Jim Pasco, who leads the National Fraternal Order of Police, pointed out that law enforcement agencies, including the Border Patrol, face morale issues. He explained that this problem stems from widespread media criticism and political attacks, which have led to a decline in support and respect for police nationwide. Pasco emphasized that this is a grave concern affecting law enforcement across the United States. 

According to a spokesperson from the CBP, the CBP faces a challenge because it cannot hire enough staff to match the number of migrants crossing the border, nor can it disregard the legal processes that each migrant must undergo after being arrested. 

CBP officials emphasized the importance of other agencies increasing their staffing levels. This includes adding more deportation and asylum officers and immigration judges. The spokesperson stated that CBP cannot resolve the current situation through arrests alone without increased staffing within the immigration system. 

It’s still another consequence of Biden’s disastrous border policies. As immigrants flow in, agents flow out…and give even more opportunities for illegals to evade detection and flood the interior. 

It’s almost as if it were all planned by someone with no regard for American citizens – or the Constitution.