CBS News Report from 1982 Proves That Global Warming is Total BS

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Summer is almost here, which means that fake news broadcasts will soon be telling us that we are experiencing GLOBAL BOILING and that we will all die unless we immediately implement communism to save us from sunshine. We like to take the opposite approach by reminding everyone that global warming is a fake pile of bovine excrement. We’re going to prove it. Keep reading.

A CBS news clip from way back in 1982 resurfaced on X this week. As of this writing, it’s been viewed nearly 400,000 times. The broadcast features one of the grandfathers of fake news—serial liar Dan Rather—with an “alarming” report about new scientific proof that global warming is going to cause all sorts of catastrophes. It’s a howler from start to finish.

The witch doctors posing as “climate scientists” predicted that 25% of Florida would be underwater by the 1990s. America would have to shift all crop production up to Canada because places like Kansas and Nebraska would be burning hellscapes where no plant life could survive. Accused rapist Al Gore even puts in an appearance. (Go ahead and Google it. You know you want to.)

The point is that none of the predictions about global warming that were made in 1982 ever came to pass. No prediction that has ever been made by these witch doctors and false prophets has come true. Because global warming is total BS.

People in the “climate” profession can’t even tell you with certainty whether it’s going to rain next week. But we’re supposed to trust them and completely reorder all of human society when they make doomsday predictions about what the weather will be like 10, 15, 30, or 150 years from now.

Guess what happens when you ask people in real scientific professions what’s going to happen with the climate? Like physicists, for example.

You probably don’t know about this since the media won’t touch this story with a ten-foot pole, but there have been three independent studies published by teams of physicists in the past year that prove global warming cannot be happening.

The big “theory” of global warming is that carbon dioxide released from hair spray, cow farts, and your SUV traps heat in the atmosphere. As more CO2 gets up in the sky, they claim, the earth will keep getting hotter and hotter.

Does this really happen, though? Not according to every physicist who has looked at it. CO2 reaches the saturation effect within a contained atmosphere.

In layman’s terms, think of it like the insulation in your attic, which traps heat in your home during the winter. If you laid a second layer of insulation on top of the first one, would it trap even more heat in your home? Maybe a tiny bit. What if you laid a third, fourth, fifth, or even twelfth layer of insulation on top of that?

It couldn’t trap any additional heat because the saturation effect had already been reached. CO2 works the same way in our contained atmosphere. After about 300 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere, it cannot trap any additional heat. We currently have about 440 parts per million in the atmosphere.

You could dump trillions and trillions of tons of additional CO2 into the atmosphere tomorrow and the earth’s temperature wouldn’t budge by one iota. It might make the earth smell like the Libertarian Party National Convention, but temperatures wouldn’t get hotter. That’s according to real science conducted by a real scientific field of professionals instead of hysterical prophecies from government grant-funded witch doctors.

Watch this fake news clip from 1982 and see if you can spot how many blatant lies are pawned off as “scientific fact.” They were lying then, and they’re still lying today.