El Salvador’s President Jokes That His Country Doesn’t Jail Political Opponents

Guayo Fuentes / shutterstock.com
Guayo Fuentes / shutterstock.com

El Salvador used to be one of the most dangerous Banana Republics in the entire Western hemisphere. How tragic is it that the popular president of El Salvador can now crack jokes about the Banana Republic of America?

President Nayib Bukele won a staggering reelection victory in a landslide not too long ago and was inaugurated for his second term in office on Saturday. Thanks to Bukele’s criminal justice reforms, the country has gone from being the most dangerous country in the Western hemisphere to one of the safest.

The people loved Bukele for it and rewarded him with a second term in office. It’s easy to see why he’s the most popular elected leader in this half of the globe.

Donald Trump Jr. traveled to El Salvador for Bukele’s reinauguration and got the chance to speak with him. During their chat, Don Jr. joked that Bukele had won reelection without jailing his political opponents.

President Bukele laughed and agreed with him, noting, “We don’t do that here.”

It’s a truly sad commentary that former Banana Republic nations can now point their fingers at America and laugh at the corruption of Joe Biden’s regime. Bukele is completely correct. We’ve never witnessed such incredible levels of corruption in the country before this.

Donald Trump did nothing wrong in the so-called “hush money” case in New York, for which the statute of limitations had already expired anyway. He now faces more than 130 years in prison for an alleged paperwork violation.

As Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) noted, if any other country had just convicted its leading presidential candidate of a crime like that kangaroo court in New York did, the US government would sanction that country.

Watch as the leader of a former Banana Republic laughs about how far the USA has fallen under Joe Biden: