More Trump Allies Indicted for Questioning the Stolen 2020 Election

Jeffery Edwards /
Jeffery Edwards /

Joe Biden’s illegal lawfare campaign against Donald Trump’s allies continued this week with the indictment of three 2020 campaign officials. For the “crime” of questioning the stolen 2020 election results in Wisconsin, the three have been charged with felony forgery. The message they are sending to Trump voters is crystal clear: Shut up and accept our fake election results, rubes!

Kenneth Chesebro and James Troupis were both Trump 2020 campaign attorneys in Wisconsin. Mike Roman was one of Trump’s campaign officials. The three were indicted on felony forgery counts after they helped organize a slate of alternate electors in Wisconsin in 2020.

Alternate slates of electors are perfectly legal whenever a state’s presidential election results are called into question because of fraud. The Democrats used an alternate slate of electors in Hawaii in the 1960 race between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. The idea that alternate electors are somehow illegal is a brand-new thing that the Biden regime made up the second that they were illegitimately installed in the White House.

The three Trump allies organized the legal paperwork for the alternate electors and had the alternates sign them. How that qualifies as “forgery” is a mystery that the courts will have to unravel.

Chesboro and Roman have been previously indicted in fake cases organized by the White House in Georgia and Arizona. This is the first time that James Troupis has been indicted in any of the 2020 election cases.

All Americans should be disgusted that the Democrats are abusing the court system to punish Joe Biden’s political enemies for their beliefs. Millions of Americans know the 2020 election was stolen because they watched it happen. Arresting them isn’t going to change any of their minds and it certainly doesn’t add legitimacy to this phony, unelected regime.