Spotify Moving to Silence Joe Biden’s Political Opponents Before the Election

Fabio Principe /
Fabio Principe /

Spotify has joined the ranks of the Big Tech censorship regime that hopes to stop Donald Trump and give Joe Biden a second term in the White House. The streaming service has partnered with a company that specializes in identifying misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation. Starting immediately, Spotify plans to begin nuking any information that makes Joe Biden look bad by labeling it as “election interference.”

You might think, “What’s the big deal? Isn’t Spotify a music streaming service?”

Think back to how many pro-Trump or anti-Biden songs have gone viral in the past two or three years. Tons of rappers and country music stars have written patriotic, pro-Trump songs that have been wildly popular. Meanwhile, rapper Macklemore ripped Joe Biden a new one in a song last month over the war in Gaza.

Will Spotify be censoring that content as “election misinformation?”

Podcasting is also huge on Spotify. Nearly every major conservative figure that you can think of now has a podcast on the service.

Joe Rogan, Tucker Carlson, Shawn Ryan, and Theo Von have four of the top 10 most listenedto podcasts on Spotify. Dan Bongino, Megyn Kelly, Candace Owens, Patrick Bet-David, Charlie Kirk, and Matt Walsh also air their shows there.

The question is, how will Spotify be censoring all of these pro-Trump podcasters? We don’t know the mechanism that the company will use, only that it has promised to crack down on “election interference” by suppressing speech that liberals disagree with.

Joe Rogan inked a $250 million deal to exclusively host his podcast on Spotify back in February. Will the company actually censor its main cash cow for saying rude things about Joe Biden? We’re about to find out.