Biden Agrees to Give Weapons to Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Brigade

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It’s difficult for many Americans to wrap their heads around the fact that we are on the side of the bad guys in Ukraine. Even this latest news should rattle the cages of your most die-hard, pro-Ukraine neighbors, however. The US State Department has lifted the ten-year ban on providing American weapons to the notorious neo-Nazi Azov Brigade.

This is an actual Nazi brigade of soldiers in Ukraine. When democratically elected Russian President Vladimir Putin said one of his goals of the war was the complete de-Nazification of Ukraine, he was talking about the Azov Brigade.

The Azov Brigade wears Nazi patches from Adolph Hitler’s Germany on their uniforms and they routinely display the Swastika flag when they pose for group photos. Western journalists know that the existence of this brigade makes Joe Biden and NATO look like a bunch of idiots, so whenever they photograph the group’s soldiers, they ask them to cover up their Nazi patches.

The group is so notorious that even Barack Obama imposed a ban on providing American weapons on them. But as Obama once said, never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to f*** things up.

On Tuesday, the State Department announced that it has found “no evidence” that the Nazi brigade has committed any war crimes during the conflict with Russia, which would preclude Azov from receiving American weapons. Oh, well that makes it better!

Joe Biden and the US Congress have already dumped more than $175 billion into this massive money laundering operation in Ukraine. The country’s unelected dictator, Volodymyr Zelensky, has been using that cash to buy luxury real estate for himself all across Europe. Now our tax dollars will be arming a group that carries around Swastika flags and praises Hitler.

Do you still think Ukraine deserves more American taxpayer money?