Meet Noah: A Fentanyl-Addicted Child in Hellhole San Francisco

Joaquin Corbalan P /
Joaquin Corbalan P /

If you plucked someone out of the filthiest slum in Mumbai today and dropped them off on Market Street in San Francisco, they’d beg to be sent home. That’s how badly one of America’s beautiful cities has degraded after the last Republican mayor left office in 1964. The corporate media ignores the drug crisis happening in San Francisco, so that leaves citizen journalists to chronicle what’s really going on—like the heartbreaking story of Noah.

We don’t know much about Noah other than what he tells the cameras as they chronicle his years-long struggle with drugs on the streets of San Francisco. He aged out of the foster care system and ended up on the streets.

Noah should be going to college or at least working at a job by now, but instead, his days are spent slowly committing suicide with fentanyl—a synthetic drug provided by Mexican cartels and made with precursor chemicals from China. More than 100,000 Americans are dying every year from drug overdoses and San Francisco is trying to lead the pack.

Overdose deaths in the city topped 800 last year. Instead of trying to come up with real solutions for people like Noah, the city leaders claim they’re being compassionate by handing out tin foil, crack pipes, and needles.

Twitter/X user JJ Smith started documenting his interactions with Noah in October 2022. This is a tough video for any parent to watch. It should infuriate every American that the leaders of the Democrat Party are enabling this through their open-border policies: