America’s Finest Contributions To Global Obesity: From Cheese-Soaked Burgers To Deep-Fried Pizza!

Tatjana Baibakova /
Tatjana Baibakova /

As Americans, we take pride in many things – from our storied history to our unparalleled economic prosperity. But let’s be real, folks; what truly brings people together like a shared love of indulgent eats?

Here are just a few beloved staples birthed right here in the good ol’ US of A:

  1. Cheeseburgers

While its exact origin story may be disputed, rest assured those juicy patties slathered in melted goodness hail from these great United States.

  1. Buffalo Wings

You guessed it – spicy, finger-lickin’, utterly divine buffalo wings took flight (pun intended) in Buffalo, NY!

  1. Reubens

This mouthwatering mashup of corned beef, swiss cheese, tangy kraut & Thousand Island-esque sauce nestled within crispy rye gets two potential creation stories: either credit goes to Nebraska-based Reuben Kulakofsky or Manhattan deli kingpin Arnold Reuben.

  1. Pecan Pie

Our nation boasts an embarrassment of riches regarding nutty delights! With roots tracing back to Native American traditions, both NOLA and ‘Bama claim bragging rights to perfecting this heavenly sweet sensation.

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who can forget Grandma whipping up batches upon batches of chewiest-in-the-middle masterpieces courtesy of Massachusetts innkeeper/chocolatière extraordinaire Ruth Graves Wakefield circa 1938?

  1. S’mores

Those gooey marshmallow-filled camping trips wouldn’t be complete without crediting pioneering Girl Scout leader Loretta Scott Crew with popularizing this classic combo through her trailblazing troop activities, which date back to at least 1927.

  1. Lobster Rolls

Whether smothered in creamy Mayo à la Maine or dripping golden butter á la CT, lobster rolls owe their existence to enterprising souls hailing from picturesque coastal towns throughout New England.

  1. Corn Dogs

A trio of locales stake rival claims to inventing this fairground staple: Illinois’ capital city, Lone Star State fairs, and Minnesota get-togethers alike boast proud histories surrounding crunchy-coated canine creations.

  1. Brownie

Chicago high society maven Bertha Honore Palmer commissioned the original brownie box lunches, specifically designed for ladies attending the iconic 1893 World Expo, which was hosted in the Second City.

  1. Ranch Dressing

Midwest hearts beat solely for this delectable dairy delight originating on sun-kissed Cali soil in 1954—talk about West Coast cool meeting Heartland charm!

There are a few other foods that we should mention, too—Deep Dish Pizza, Philly Cheesesteaks, and even tater tots were born in the US. So, while we have stolen many cuisines from other countries, the items on this list were developed right here. Whether we should be proud of them or not remains to be seen.