FedEx is Spying on Millions of Americans in a Clearly Illegal Big Tech Plot

Peter_Fleming /
Peter_Fleming /

If you thought the federal government was out of control illegally spying on Americans during the Bush and Obama administrations, wait until you learn what’s happening on Joe Biden’s watch. It’s a massive illegal surveillance grid that would make even Edward Snowden blush with shame. The next time a FedEx truck rolls through your neighborhood to make some deliveries, take a close look at it.

Picture this: 40,000 hidden cameras deployed in 4,000 American cities in 40 states, all powered by an artificial intelligence (AI) program and constantly feeding images to the police. That’s what FedEx is doing in a $4 billion deal with a tech company (likely a CIA front) called Flock Safety.

Before you ask the obvious question—did Congress ever vote on this? —the answer is an emphatic “No.” Like all existing mass surveillance systems in America, FedEx has simply deployed this massive, live, 24/7 surveillance grid across the country without asking permission. This is what makes us suspect that this is in fact an illegal CIA operation.

The legal principle that we’ve always enjoyed in this country, at least up until the Bush administration created the Department of Homeland Security, is that the government doesn’t get to spy on all of us 24/7 just in case someone commits a crime. We’re not communist China. Except now we are far worse than communist China for some reason.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the FedEx spy cameras are taking photos of all license plates; the make, model, and color of everyone’s cars; bumper stickers; and more. The cameras might even have facial recognition technology. All the images that the illegal cameras are snapping are constantly being fed to law enforcement.

Absolutely no one has voted for this program. It’s just another thing the government has decided to do to us without even asking for permission.