Biden Flies Deported Cameroonians BACK to America


Back in 2019, President Donald J. Trump deported approximately 90 criminal illegal aliens from Cameroon back to their home country. If you need to pause for a second and look Cameroon up on Google Maps, go ahead. We’ll wait. The asylum claims of these foreign criminals were so ridiculously bad that they were rejected by multiple US immigration officials and courts before they were deported back to central Africa. Joe Biden just flew those people back to America to give them a second chance.

It’s not exactly amazing that the Biden regime is flying these foreign criminals back to the US and dumping them in your neighborhood, where they have no hope of ever assimilating. The amazing thing is that immigration bureaucrats ever deported them in the first place.

During Ronald Reagan’s amnesty for illegal alien “farm workers” in the 1980s, the asylum claims of illegals were rubber-stamped after they claimed that cherries grew underground like potatoes and that cotton was purple. That’s how intrepid America’s immigration officials are when weighing the asylum claims of foreign criminals.

This leads us to wonder—just how dumb and fake were the asylum claims of these Cameroonians. They were bad enough that the US Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) under the Trump administration rejected them. Next, the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) rejected their appeal.

The Cameroonians held a press conference and claimed that Donald Trump was putting them on a “death plane” back to their home country, where they would be killed by the government. That part didn’t happen. In fact, the Biden regime easily tracked them down in Cameroon five years later and then flew them back to the United States on your tax dime. They’re now living comfortably in the US, despite the fact that they are not refugees and have no business being here.

Just how much taxpayer money did Joe Biden waste by flying to Cameroon, tracking down 90 previously deported criminals, and bringing them back here? That’s one of the great mysteries of the universe.